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WP MITSUBISHI WRC 2006 1:14 Ref. N°. 90221
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Product information
The GRAUPNER Carisma series sets new standards in the area of true-scale RC cars with fully proportional radio control systems. All models are produced under licence from the manufacturer, and as such satisfy the car producers' most stringent licensing requirements. Open up the attractive display packaging, and you find a completely factory-assembled, fully functioning high-techmodel car, with a level of scale fidelity similar to that of die-cast models, and the performance of a high-quality RC car. In the standard kit version the models are capable of speeds up to 30 km / hr, while more than 40 km / hr is possible if upgrade parts are fitted. The chosen scale of 1 : 14 allows the cars to be run inside your house or flat, as well as on tarmac surfaces. The standard set includes a drive battery and charger, plus eight dry cells for the transmitter; no additional accessories are required to run the models. As you would expect, a full range of replacement parts is available together with a broad array of accessories and upgrade parts. The bodywork shells of the GT and touring car models are also interchangeable.
Pack contents
Operating instructions in German and English. Completely assembled 2-WD chassis including electric motor, receiver, forward / reverse / brake speed controller, steering servo, 2-channel proportional radio control system with plug-in crystals, sprung suspension, bevel-gear differential, air-filled tyres, painted bodywork shell with decals applied.
RC functions
Forward / reverse
Throttle / brake
Proportional steering, right / left
Length approx. 325 mm
Width approx. 130 mm
Height approx. 90 mm
Wheelbase approx. 190 mm
Weight ready to run, approx. 680 g

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