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PORSCHE 911 GT2 red 90004
PORSCHE 911 GT2 white 90005
RC on-road cars 1:12 scale. With 2-function radio control.
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Product information
These Junior Line models are the ideal starting point for children of 4 years and over who are interested in radio controlled model cars. In spite of the moderate price, all the on-road cars shown here are highly detailed models of the full-size vehicles. This starts with the great-looking wheels and air-filled profiled tyres, the carefully applied decals and the semi-scale internal fittings. The model is powered by a high-performance electric motor. Two forward speeds are provided, and one in reverse. The models suspension provides good road-holding even when the ]turbo-speed function is switched on. The off-road models are ideal for slightly uneven terrain, but are not suitable for long grass.

 Pack contents
Completely assembled chassis, bevel gear differential, front and rear axle suspension, radio control system factory-fitted. Decal sheet as shown.
RC functions
Turbo speed forward Forward right/left Stop Reverse Reverse right/left

Length approx. 380 mm
Width approx. 145 mm
Height approx. 95 mm
Wheelbase approx. 210 mm
Front track approx. 142 mm
Rear track approx. 145 mm
Wheel approx. 51 mm
Weight ready to run, approx. 1052 g

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