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Graupner COMPACT 480   9,6 V   for 9,6 - 12 V Ref. N°. 7714
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Product information
A range of high-performance BRUSHLESS motors. The impressive feature of this series of power plants is their enormously high torque, and it is in direct-drive applications that they show their full power potential. GRAUPNER COMPACT motors are brushless external-rotor (out-runner) types, i.e. the outer motor jacket rotates and drives the motor shaft. This design principle results in ultra-compact electric motors capable of an outstanding performance without recourse to a gearbox. An additional advantage: the weight of GRAUPNER COMPACT motors is very low compared to that of conventional motors.
Nominal voltage 9.6 V
Operating voltage range 9.6 ... 12 V
No-load speed 10,600
Revs. / Volt 1110
No. of winds 10
Current drain at max. efficiency* 20 ... 40 A
Maximum efficiency 88%
Permissible direction of rotation R and L
No. of poles 14
Overall length approx. 68 mm
Case length, excl. shaft 48 mm
Diameter approx. 35 mm
Free shaft length approx. 20 mm
Shaft diameter 5 mm
Weight approx. 151 g
Recommended propellers, Order No. 1335.30.15 8.4V or 1335.28.15 9.6 ...12V
Propeller adaptor 7690.5
Flex-hub –
Motor mount*** 1741
All-up weight approx. 1500 g
Recommended speed controller Compact Control 40 2884 or Genius 40 2896

* Referred to operating voltage range. These values reflect the current state of technology, and may vary in the course of continued development.
Differences may occur according to the speed controller used.
** with press-fitted pinion.
*** especially for power models.






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