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LiIo-Nano. Akku A123  1/1100 3,3V, single cell,  30 C
Nanophosphate® Lithium Ionen
Ref. N°. 7681
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Product information

Performance: Continuous discharge current 30C, and 60C peak possible.

Discharge to 2 V per cell is possible.

Durability: The metal casing protects the cells. The nanotechnology allows up to 1000 cycles. (NiMH 50 - 300 cycles, LiPo 50 - 150 cycles, with comparable discharge current)

Fast charge up to 100% possible within 15 min. (only with Ultramat 14 plusUltramat 16 Ultramat 17 and Ultra Duo Plus 50.

Cell count /voltage 1 / 3,3 V
Capacity 1100 mAh
Max. discharge current 33A (peak 10 s  60A
Weight approx. 40 g
Dimensions approx. 66,5 x 18 mm


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