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Graupner LiPo-Akku 3/2500  11,1V G3,5,   Discharge rate max. 16C Ref. N°. 7645.3
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Product information
Lithium-Polymer batteries.
Observe the warning notes in the operating instructions!
This is the revolution for slow-fly and show-fly models, electric gliders, model boats and RC cars. Lithium-Polymer batteries, also known as LiPo packs, boast the highest energy density of any batteries ever used in modelling, i.e. the ratio of capacity : weight is significantly better than anything else. The cells´ current handling capacity has now been substantially improved. 

Warnings regarding LiPo batteries
Do not charge batteries above 4.2 V per cell!
Do not discharge batteries below 2.5 V per cell!
Do not short-circuit batteries!
It is essential to read the instructions supplied with the batteries.
Use only genuine GRAUPNER LiPo battery chargers.

Number of cells/Voltage: 3 / 11,1 V
Capacity: 2500 mAh
Max. discharge courrent (peak, 10 s): 40 (50) A
Weight approx. 235 g
Dimensions approx. 144 x 35 x 24 mm
Connector: G3,5
Maximum continuous discharging rate of the accu less cable and connector: 25C

Recommended speed controllers: POWER V60, GENIUS 40 ou  GENIUS 70


Suitable chargers:
LiPo charger.
ULTRA DUO PLUS 30, Order No. 6416
or other chargers

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