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LiPo-Akku 3/1500, 11,1V BEC Ref. N°. 7638.3
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Product information
The revolution in the field of rechargeable batteries shows no sign of stopping. Li-Po batteries are already well-proven and familiar, and they are now joined by a range of new high-current cells which are also available at lower prices. This development opens the door to the use of LiPo batteries by all modellers from the beginner right up to the totally committed competition pilot. Used in conjunction with the LiPo balancer with overcharge guard, Order No. 3064, and the LiPo deep-discharge guard, Order No. 6496, these batteries offer an unprecedented level of safety, reliability and longevity. For optimum safety LiPo batteries must always be charged with the LiPo balancer, Order No. 3064. To protect the valuable cells against damage from deep-discharging, the deep-discharge guard, Order No. 6496, should also be used. At the maximum stated discharge current the actual capacity of these LiPo batteries is still around 90% of the stated capacity. Provided that the packs are always operated within the safe voltage range of 3.4 to 4.15 V, and that no more than half the maximum continuous current is drawn from them, these batteries offer an enormously extended useful life.
Type designation LiPo 1500
Number of cells / Voltage 3 / 11.1V
Capacity 1500 mAh
Max. discharge current A (peak, 10 s) 15 (20)
Weight approx. 132 g
Dimensions approx. 89 x 34 x 24 mm
Connector: BEC
Suitable speed controllers: GRAUPNER-GENIUS 30

Warnings regarding LiPo batteries
Do not charge batteries above 4.2 V per cell!
Do not discharge batteries below 2.5 V per cell!
Do not short-circuit batteries!
It is essential to read the instructions supplied with the batteries.
Use only genuine GRAUPNER LiPo charge leads.
Use only genuine GRAUPNER LiPo battery chargers.

Suitable chargers:
LiPo charger.
ULTRA DUO PLUS 30, Order No. 6416  


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