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Graupner LiIo- Akku 4/1100  14,4V  1100 mAh  MG6-connector Ref. N. 7627.4B


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Product information
GRAUPNER Li-Io 1100 batteries offer a wide safety margin thanks to their metal jacket, the special Li-Io material used and a type of integral safety seal. If the cell is overcharged or short-circuited, the cell is destroyed internally before it burns or is able to cause excessive damage. The metal jacket also makes the cell suitable for soldering and for assembling into battery packs. The high continuous current capability of 20 A (30 A peak) makes it suitable as a replacement for the heavier 2/3 A NiMH cells, for example.

Suitable chargers:
LiPo/ LiIo chargers.
ULTRA DUO PLUS 30, Order No. 6416  

We reserve the right to modify
We reserve the right to modify the specification and the external appearance of these cells.
Number of cells /voltage 4 / 14.4 V
Capacity 1100 mAh
Max. discharge current A (peak 10 s) 20 (30)
Weight approx. 180 g
Dimensions approx. 65 x 37 x 37 mm
Connector G2
Suitable speed controller POWER V35


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