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GRAUPNER 8-NiMH 1000B 9,6V/1,0Ah Ref. N°. 7518
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Product information
New high-current Nickel-Metal-Hydride cells.The technology of NiMH cells continues to develop at a swift rate. The cells are becoming more and more capable of handling high currents, and in most cases they now exceed the performance even of sintered NiCd cells. NiMH cells develop maximum performance directly after charging, when the cells are still warm. The stated capacity of each battery refers to the brand-new pack. The pack´s capacity diminishes with every charge/discharge cycle, and periods of storage can also result in a gradual reduction in capacity. In modelling use the batteries are highly stressed due to the heavy discharge currents we impose on them. As a guideline, these cells can be expected to retain around 70 - 90% of their full capacity after 50 cycles, provided that the user observes all instructions relating to storage, charging and discharging.
Voltage 9.6 V
Capacity 1000 mAh
Weight approx. 175 g
Dimensions approx. 68 x 34 x 30 mm
Connector type MG6

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