Controller SPEED PROFI 40R,  7,2...12V,  40A, reverse, BEC Ref. N°. 7196
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Product information
So you're about to get started in modelling, and are looking for a simple, reasonably priced speed controller with reverse mode which can also cope with the high currents and capacities available from today's rechargeable batteries? Then the GRAUPNER SPEED PROFI 40R is exactly right for you. This controller is suitable for brushedmotors with 12 winds or more, and offers fine speed control over the range forward, brake and reverse. The controller automatically adjusts itself to suit your radio control system when switched on, and therefore requires no programming of any kind.
- Automatically sets itself up to suit your transmitter
- High pulse frequency
- Forward, ABS brake, reverse
- Delay interval for reverse running
- Overheating guard

Cut-off voltage: Only when the battery voltage drops below 5 V, the power supply shuts off to the engine. This can be fatal for LiPo batteries (deep discharge)
If you want to operate the controller with LiPo batteries, make sure that the voltage does not go below 3V per cell. Well suited for this example is the 6495 LiPo Discharge Protection, deep discharge protection, 2 .. 10 cells

Operating voltage: 7.2 ... 12 V
Number of cells: 6 ... 10 NiCd, NiMH
Peak current: 200 A
Cont. current, forward: 40 A
Pulse frequency: 1 kHz
BEC: 5 V / 1 A
BEC current, peak: 1.5 A
Dimensions approx.: 41.6 x 38.2 x 16.3 mm
Weight approx. 65 g




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