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Speed Controller PROFI V80R,  (1,2) 4,8...12V,  80A, reverse, BEC Ref. N°. 7195
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Product information
New speed controls for trucks, trails and boats. Ultra-small, lightweight speed controls with great facilities:
Programmable minimum brake.
Programmable maximum brake.
Programmable automatic brake.
For the first time the brake function can be programmed separately from reverse!
Maximum reverse speed programmable separately from brake power.
Various reversing modes can be selected:
1. Reverse invoked following use of brake, as soon as motor almost stops and neutral position is selected.
2. Reverse invoked after full brake is applied and neutral position is selected.
3. Reverse after pre-set delay.
4. Modes 1 or 2 can be combined with the pre-set delay.
The automatic brake and reverse programs provide ultra-precise control with model trails and trucks.
3 throttle curves: linear, soft, hard for stock-car racing.
SSPS for greatly improved, ultra-fine, fully proportional control characteristics. This gives the model superb controllability in forward, reverse and also in the brake setting, exceeding even that of the V 12XC World Champion speed control.
High pulse frequency: 1 kHz
Voltage monitoring ensures interference-free driving until the vehicle comes to a halt.
Power matching for optimum acceleration.
Integral BEC: 5.5 V/3 A peak.
Operating voltage 4.8 ... 12 V (with receiver battery1.2 ... 12 V)
Number of cells (1) 4 to 10
Continuous current (4 Ah) 80 A
Peak current, 10 sec. 160 A
Recommended motor >= 8 T
RDS on of FETs at 25° C 2 x 0.0007
Voltage drop approx.@ 20 A 0.03 V
Temperature cut-out
Low voltage regulation
Pulse frequency 1 kHz
Dimensions, mm approx. 55 x 29 x 13.5
Weight excl. cables approx. 30 g
BEC 5.5 V/3 A peak








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