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Compact Control 40BEC  7,2...18,5V  25A, 2 - 5 LiPo Ref. N°. 7185
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Product information
These new BRUSHLESS COMPACT CONTROL speed controllers are an excellent choice for use with GRAUPNER COMPACT and INLINE motors.
- Suitable for NiMH and LiPo batteries; motor power is reduced when battery voltage declines
- COMPACT CONTROL 8 to 25: high-capacity BEC system for powering the receiving system
- Brake can be switched on or off, except for HELI versions (no brake)
- HELI versions: standard speed control mode and speed regulator (governor) mode available
- Ultra-simple programming method for various functions
- Superb performance values. The stated continuous current (printed on the label) can be safely exceeded for brief periods without the motor being shut down.
- Ultra-fine motor speed control; ideal for aerobatic and show-fly models.
- Reasonably priced.
Operating voltage range: 7.2 ... 18.5 V
Number of cells, Ni-MH / Ni-Cd: 6 - 15
LiPo / LiIo: 2 - 5
Continuous current: 25 A
Peak motor current, 10 s: 45 A
Overheating protection, approx. 100°C
EMF brake: programmable
Soft-start: fast
Power-on pulse suppress.: yes
Pulse frequency: 32 kHz
BEC receiver power supply: 5V / 2A peak 3W
Dimensions (circuit board) approx. 43 x 25 x 8 mm
Weight incl. cables approx. 45 g
Battery connector: G3.5



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