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GM-Genius 85 brushless + brushed BEC, 4,8 - 14,8V, 50/80 A, 2- 4 LiPo Ref. N°. 7166
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Product information
- New software specially designed for model cars and boats, but also suitable for model aircraft.
- GM-Genius 85 and GM-Genius 100: splashproof case (sensorless operation only)
- New special brake software provides several different braking characteristics
- Automatic detection of brushed + brushless motors
- Automatic detection of motors with Hall sensors
- Unprecedented standard of control and start-up characteristics with sensorless brushless motors
- Ideal for competition use >= 5 min.
- Optimised heat-sink for improved cooling (supplementary water-cooling possible with GM-GENIUS 50, 85, 90)
- Four drive programs, simple to set:
Modes 1 - 3 with forward / neutral / brake mode for competition use
Mode 1: for normal track conditions, with standard NiMH low-voltage power-down and active special brake software
Mode 2: for high-grip track conditions, for maximum acceleration and braking, with lower NiMH low-voltage power-down.
Mode 3: for slippery track conditions, with LiPo low-voltage power-down (optimised for four cells)
Mode 4: forward / neutral / brake / reverse, with standard NiMH low-voltage power-down
- All supplementary functions can also easily be programmed individually using the IDA programming system with Programmer, GMVIS-Commander(V2005) or PC (Windows 2000 or XP)
- Programmable supplementary functions such as automatic brake, maximum brake, maximum reverse speed, ABS, speed limiting, soft-start, minimum brake, full brake, automatic throttle, power curve, motor timing, current limiting, start-up current limiting, turbo and different braking characteristics.
Operating voltage range: 4.8 ... 14.8 V
Number of cells, NiCd, NiMH: 4 - 12
Number of cells, LiPo, LiIo: 2 - 4 (Mode 3)
Continuous current (brushless motors): 85 A
Max. motor current (10 s.): 170 A
Temperature cut-off: approx. 120° C
EMF brake: programmable
Reverse: programmable
Soft-start: programmable
Low-voltage power-down: yes
Power-on pulse suppression: yes
Pulse frequency: 8 kHz
BEC receiver power supply approx. 5.5 V / 4 A peak
Max. BEC dissipated power at 20° C: 2.5 W
OPTO: optional
Dimensions excl. capacitors approx. 48 x 40 x 20 mm
Dimensions incl. capacitors approx. 65 x 40 x 20 mm
Weight excl. cables approx. 75 g
Weight incl. cables approx. 105 g
Connector: G3,5



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