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BRUSHLESS GM-GENIUS RACE 80R >=5.5T STAR,  2 LiPo,  80A Ref. N°. 7157
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Product information
for 1 : 10 scale model cars, boats and crawlers
Suitable for operation with and without sensors
Simple method of matching to transmitter travels
Extremely fine, accurate speed control
Ultra-simple programming with the programming box, Order No. 7152, but programming is also straightforward without the programming box.

Variable parameters:
Brushed motors or brushless motors with or without sensors
Selectable battery type: LiFe, LiPo, NiMH / NiCd
Power-down voltage selectable in 0.1 V increments: automatic or 3.0 ... 14.0 V
Variable power curve: soft, linear, hard
Timing: 0 ... 25° variable in 1° increments
Acceleration (soft throttle), variable in five steps
Start power, variable in five steps
Start current limiting from 0 ... 100% and OFF selectable
Current limit from 0 ... 100% and OFF selectable
Modes: forward / brake, forward / brake / reverse; two different reverse modes for all applications
1. Time delay for reverse running: 0.2s ... 2.5s
2. Reverse running with preceding brake function
Neutral pulse width variable in three steps
ABS brake variable in five steps, or OFF
Automatic brake, 0 ... 100%, variable in 1% increments; ideal for crawlers
Minimum brake from 0 ... 100%, variable in 1% increments
Maximum brake from 0 ... 100%, variable in 1% increments
Maximum reverse speed from 20 100%, variable in 1%increments
Magnet pole count 2 20 poles and variable gearbox reduction ratio
Variable tyre diameter
Settings can be backed up in the programming box
Default settings using the programming box

The following parameters can be read out using the programming box:
Current input voltage
Current temperature
Maximum temperature
Maximum current
Maximum speed
Average speed
Error indicator




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