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Frequenz-SCANNER 40 AX700 40/41 MHz Ref. N°. 7099
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Product information
The AX 700 FREQUENCY SPECTRUM SCANNER represents a sophisticated method of monitoring a complete frequency band or one selected spot frequency. The complete frequency SPECTRUM within the selected frequency band is displayed on the unit's integral MULTI-DATA GRAPHIC LCD screen. The graphic display clearly shows all the channels which are already in use by other pilots, as well as the interferencelevel currently prevailing at the flying site. The SPECTRUM display of the entire band enables the user to see the transmission channels currently occupied at the flying site by all transmitters which are actually switched on, and to assess them for power, frequency spread, bandwidth and fluctuations. The scanner also helps to avoid "channel clashes" (two transmitters on the same frequency). If you select a particular channel, you can examine the parameters of the transmitted signal (power, frequency amplitude, frequency deviation, bandwidth and fluctuation tendencies). This method of monitoring provides an easy means of analysing the quality and function of your own transmitter. The FREQUENCY SPECTRUM SCANNER has an extremely high sensitivity of -102 dB, making it capable of picking up and displaying even very weak interference signals.
Pack contents
Scanner, antenna, battery, manual.
Operating voltage: 2.2 ... 3.3 V
Current drain approx. 8 mA
Sensitivity: -102 dB
Temperature range: -5 ... +40°C
Aerial length approx. 1000 mm
Dimensions approx. 78 x 47 x 11.5 mm
Weight approx. 40 g


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