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SR6SYN PLL- synthesizer- receiver 40 MHz Ref. N°. 
SR6SYN PLL- synthesizer- receiver 41 MHz Ref. N°. 
40 MHz band. Three-function FM PLL Synthesizer mini-receiver. No receiver crystals required. 
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Product information
FM PLL superhet mini-receiver exploiting synthesizer technology, designed for the demanding competition driver. Fulfils exacting requirements in terms of selectivity and extreme interference rejection combined with minimum size. The receivers high sensitivity makes it an excellent choice for modernising older FM radio control systems as well as current systems used for model cars and boats. This FM PLL mini-receiver is suitable for use with all standard GRAUPNER FM transmitters. The synthesizer is internally screened, and the large earth area makes the receiver extremely good at rejecting radiated interference at close range, and interference from speed controls and transmitters on adjacent channels. The special ultra-fast PPM modulation is omitted in order to maximise interference rejection.

Operating voltage1) 4.8 ... 6 V
Current drain approx. 12 mA
Spot frequencies, 35 MHz -
Spot frequencies, 40/41 MHz 50 ... 92
Spot frequencies, 41 MHz 400 ... 420
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Sensitivity approx. 10 µV
Modulation PPM, PPF
Servo functions 3
Temperature range -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 600 mm
Dimensions approx. 38 x 28 x 16 mm
Weight approx. 18 g
* For export only
1) 4 NC cells or 4 dry cells

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