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SMC-20 DSCAN synthesizer-dual-conversion-receiver 40 + 41 MHz Ref. N°. 7047
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Product information
Highly selective PLL SCAN narrow band SPCM dual-conversion-receiver in SCAN Synthesizer technology with 10 servo functions. With pressing the SCAN key the optimal frequency for the desired transmitter signal is determined and stored automatically. A quartz is not necessary any longer. Most modern 10-Bit-SPCM-high-end-receiver with outstanding grade of transmission-performance and highest resolution in 1024 step SPCM SYSTEM technology. Easy, compact SCAN high speed SPCM receiver with small dimensions for universal employment within the professional range. 
Operating voltage 4.8 ... 6 V
Current drain approx. 22 mA
Spot frequencies, 40/41 MHz 50 ... 92
Spot frequencies, 41 MHz 400 ... 420*
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Sensitivity approx. 10 µV
Servo resolution SPCM (1024 steps)
Servo functions 10
Temperature range -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 1000 mm
Dimensions approx. 53 x 38 x 16 mm
Weight approx. 33 g
*For export only

The picture shows the receiver in 35 MHz.

Exclusive for SPCM transmitters: X-3810, X-3810 ADT, mc-19, mc-22, mc-24, mx-12, mx-16s, mx-22, mx-24, PCM 10 X.


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