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SMC-20 DS dual-conversion-receiver   35 MHz Ref. N°. 7039
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Product information
A newly designed dual-conversion receiver exploiting 10-bit technology (high resolution: 1024 steps), with superior réception characteristics and maximum resolution, using 1024-step SPCM system technology. Lightweight, compact, high-performance SPCM receiver of minimum size for universal use by professional modellers. Latest multi-layer SMT construction plus miniature narrow-band filter give the receiver professional-level performance. Gold-plated power supply and servo contacts for reliable, interference-free operation. Improved abc regulatory system (anti-blocking,
anti-cross) and automatic gain control for maximum adjacent channel and overload rejection. Powerful signals are attenuated to optimum values before they reach the mixer stage. AGC effectively prevents channel intermodulation, cross-modulation, adjacent channel interference and blocking. Proven single-chip micro-computersystem. SMT construction for high resistance to mechanical stress and vibration.
Operating voltage : 4,8 ... 6 V
Current drain approx. : 14 mA
Channel spacing : 10 kHz
Sensitivity approx. : 10 µV
Servo functions : 10
Servo resolution 1024 steps (10 bit)
Temperature range : -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. : 1000 mm
Dimensions approx. : 53 x 38 x 16 mm
Weight approx. : 30 g

The picture shows the similar receiver in 35 MHz.
Crystal not included.

Exclusive for SPCM transmitters: X-3810, X-3810 ADT, mc-19, mc-22, mc-24, mx-12, mx-16s, mx-22, mx-24, PCM 10 X.

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