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SMC-19 S Mini Superhet-receiver   35 MHz Ref. N°. 7036
SMC-19 S Mini Superhet-receiver   35 MHz B-band Ref. N°. 7036.B
SMC-19 S Mini Superhet-receiver   40 MHz Ref. N°. 7041
SMC-19 S Mini Superhet-receiver   41 MHz Ref. N°. 7041.41
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Product information
A newly designed 10-bit PCM receiver offering high resolution and superior réception characteris-tics, utilising 1024-step PCM system technology
Lightweight, compact high-performance PCM receiver of minimal size offering professional- standard performance for the pro modeller.
Latest SMD multi-layer construction and narrow band filters endow the reveicer with outstanding technical qualities. ABC (Anti-Blocking, anti-Cross) control system and automatic gain control provide maximum separation sharpness and overload resistance. Powerful signals are attenuated to the optimum value before they reach the mixer stage, thereby suppressing channel intermodulation, cross-modulation, channel overload and blocking. Proven single-chip micro-computer system. SMD technology for high resistance to mechanical stress and vibration.
Operating voltage 4,8 ... 6 V**
Current drain 8 mA
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Sensitivity approx. 10 µV
Servo resolution 1024 steps (10 bit)
Servo functions 9
Temperature range approx. -15 ... +55°C
Aerial length approx. 1000 mm
Dimensions approx. 51 x 36 x 16 mm
Weight approx. 27 g
**4 NC cells or 4 dry cells

The picture shows the similar receiver in 35 MHz.
Crystal not included.

Exclusive for SPCM transmitters: X-3810, X-3810 ADT, mc-19, mc-22, mc-24, mx-12, mx-16s, mx-22, mx-24, PCM 10 X.

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