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Brushless Graupner Sport 13,5T rot  Ref. N°. 6553
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Product information
Lightweight: only around 165 g
Reasonably priced
Extra-thick multiple windings
Sintered neodymium magnets
Sensors conforming with IFMAR / EFRA / DMC rules
EFRA and DMC legal
High-performance free-running ballraces
Sensorless running possible with GM-BRUSHLESS speed controllers

Nominal voltage: 7.2 V
Operating voltage range: 4.8 ... 7.4 V
Revs. / Volt (kV) approx. 2600
Winding count: 13.5T star pattern
Current drain at max. efficiency approx. @7.2V: 20
Current drain at max. power approx. @7.2V: 70
Max. power at 7.2 V: 255 W
Max. power at 6 V: 175 W
Max. power at 4.8 V: 120 W
Permissible direction of rotation: R and L
No. of poles: 2
Overall length approx. 70 mm
Case length approx. 52.5 mm
Diameter approx. 35.8 mm
Free shaft length approx. 15 mm
Shaft diameter at output: 3.175 mm
Weight approx. 165 g
Recommended reduction ratio with six cells: 1:10 model cars, TW 1:3.5 - 1:6.0, 4WD 1:7 - 1:10
Recommended speed controller: GM-GENIUS 50. GM-GENIUS 80. 7162 GM-GENIUS SPORT 80R

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