Graupner LiPo Discharge Protection for 2 - 14  LiPo- cells Ref. N°. 6496
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Product information
The LiPo deep-discharge guard reliably protects your valuable LiPo battery cells from becoming deep-discharged - which can easily ruin them completely. It is true that the speed controller monitors the voltage of the battery pack, but only the overall voltage; if one cell is weaker than the others, and its voltage is lower, the controller's cut-off point may below enough to ruin the weakest cell. This is much more likely if the pack contains more than three cells. This circuit monitors each cell individually, and thereby reliably prevents deep-discharging. Using this circuit also makes it safe to use any speed controller with LiPo batteries. The circuit is connected to the white multi-pin connector fitted as standard to Graupner LiPo batteries, and it automatically detects the connected Number of cells; it confirms this by a set of flashing LEDs. The unit is also connected between the receiver and the speed controller. If the voltage of the battery falls below a value of around 3 V per cell, the circuit modifies the receiver signal so that the speed controller reduces the throttle setting to the point where the 2,7 or 3 V minimum voltage is maintained. 
Operating voltage: 6 ... 58,8 V (2 ... 14 LiPo cells)
Receiver signal: 0.8 ms ... 2.2 ms
Monitor indicator: 2 LED´s
Throttle-back (modified receiver signal) at a cell voltage of approx. 2,7 or 3.0 V
Dimensions approx. 42 x 42 x 12 mm
Weight approx. 18 g

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