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Graupner LiPo-balancer for 1 - 5 LiPo-cells Ref. N°. 6491
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Product information
The Micro-balancer is recommended for use with all battery chargers which do not monitor individual cells in the pack. During the charge process the Micro-balancer is connected to the white supplementary multi-pin connector attached to GRAUPNER Li-Po batteries. As soon as one cell reaches a voltage of around 4.25 V, it is discharged with a pulsed current of > 0.2 A in order to avoid overcharging, and to keep the cell at a steady voltage. The LED indicates this discharge phase. If one LED glows constantly, the charge process must be switched off immediately, as this means that the Micro-balancer is unable to adjust the cell´s state quickly enough, and there is a danger of overcharging. The charge process must also be interrupted if all LEDs for the corresponding cell start to flash. However, at charge currents of up to 0.1 A overcharging is not possible, as the Micro-balancer is able to cope with this charge current completely and constantly. The idle current drain of the Micro-balancer is extremely low (around 5 µA), so the unit can safely be left connected to the battery permanently.
Cell count 1 ... 5 Li-Po or Li-Io cells
Operating voltage 2.5 ... 8 V per cell
Current drain at approx.
4.1 V / cell, approx. 5 µA (LED off)
Current drain at
approx. 4.3 V / cell > 0.2 A (LED on)
Max. continuous current 0.1 A
Continuous power approx. 2.2 W

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