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LiPo Quick Charger Ref. N°. 6440
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Product information
(Even shorter charge times for high-capacity batteries) Highly recommended, low-cost 12 V LiPo fast charger for 1 to 4 cells. The device automatically detects the correct Number of cells with 1 ... 3 cells; manual selection with 4 cells. The charge current is set automatically for each cell type, with a maximum of 5 A. This charger is therefore an excellent choice for chargingbatteries with capacities of more than 5 Ah within a reasonable time. Two LEDs indicate the charger's operating mode. For optimum safety and a long useful life of your LiPo and LiIo batteries, the LiPo Balancer plus, Order No. 3064, must be used.


Operating voltage: 11 ... 15 V
(12 V car battery, min. 30 Ah, or 12 V mains PSU, min. 10 A)
Number of cells: 1 ... 4 LiPo cells
Charge current : 100 mA ... 5 A
Dimensions approx. 92 x 58 x 27 mm
Weight approx. 133 g


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