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Automatic-Turbo-Lader 12Pb Ref. N░. 6436
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Product information
Compact battery charger for 12 V lead-acid batteries
with a capacity of 6 ... 40 Ah. Designed for recharging
12 V drive and starter batteries. Ideal for trickle-charging
when over-wintering car, motorcycle and
caravan batteries removed for storage. Controlled
trickle charge eliminates the danger of damage
through deep discharge. Ready to connect, complete with battery clips
LED operating and charge monitor display
Safety double-insulated transformer
Short-circuit and overload protection
Electronic reverse polarity protection
Electronic reverse current protection
Highly practical charge characteristics
Maintenance (trickle) charge function
Manufactured in accordance with the latest
EU regulations
Mains input 230 V~/50 Hz/50 VA
Output for 12 V lead-acid batteries
Charge current approx. 1.8 A
Trickle charge approx. 100 mA at 14.7 V
final charge voltage
Battery size 6 ... 40 Ah
Temperature range -10░ to +35░C
Weight approx. 1280 g
Dimensions approx. 140 x 100 x 80 mm



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