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Power supply: 230 V ~/50 Hz or 12 V = car battery. Mobile high-performance charger with selectable rapid charge current (1 ... 3 A). Handles 4 to 16 NC cells with a capacity of 600 mAh to 2 Ah and simultaneously charges transmitter and receiver batteries at the standard rate. With its built-in charging facilities for transmitter and receiver batteries the TURBOMAT 16 PLUS forms the ideal all-purpose charging station for the 4- to 16-cell classes in the R/C car, aircraft and boat racing worlds. Rapid-charges 4 to 16 NC cells with a capacity of 600 mAh to 2 Ah; automatic power-off after a full charge. Selectable rapid charge current 1 A, 2 A or 3 A. Electronic limiting of rapid-charge current. Automatic end-of-charge power-off using Delta Peak detection method. Automatic transition to maintenance charge rate after »full« detection. 45 minute safety timer powers the unit down; guards against faulty cells and other battery defects. Safety circuit guards against short circuit and reversed polarity. Automatic reset circuit if the charge process is interrupted. Electronic rapid-charge suppression if initial battery voltage is lower than 3 V. Prevents damage to completely flat NC packs. Simultaneous slow-charging of receiver and transmitter NC batteries. Electronic limiting of transmitter charge current; protective circuit guards against short circuit and reversed polarity of the transmitter charge circuit. Impedance protection system limits receiver charge current, guards against overcharging and short circuit. 5-LED monitor indicates »ready« state, rapid-charge, maintenance charge (flashing LED), standard charge, short circuit and polarity errors. Captive mains power lead 230 V ~/50 Hz, 12 V power lead (car battery) and charge lead for transmitter and receiver NC batteries.

Mains 230 V~/50 Hz; Car battery 12 V = + 15%; Charge output quick 6 ... 26 V/1,2 or 3 A; Transmitter 6 ... 10,5 V/150 mA, (8 cells NC);
Receiver 4,8 ... 6 V/150 mA, (4  5 cells NC); Dimensions approx. 184 x 120 x 86 mm; Weight approx. 2000 g;

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