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TURBOMAT 7 PLUS    6429    
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Product information
For 230 V ~/50 Hz or 12 V = car battery. Mobile high-performance charger with selectable rapid-charge current: 1 ... 5 A for 6 to 7 cells and 1 or 2 A for 4 to 7 NC cells; plus simultaneous slow-charging of transmitter and receiver batteries (150 mA each). Discharge section: 6 or 7 NC cells/1 A. The additional facility for charging transmitter and receiver batteries makes the TURBOMAT 7 PLUS an ideal all-pur-pose rapid-charge station for the 4- to 7-cell NC class, catering for R/C model cars, electric model aircraft and racing boats. For use with mains and car battery power. Super rapid-charging for 6 to 7 NC cells, normal rapid-charging for 4 to 7 NC cells. Simultaneous slow charging for transmitter battery 4.8 ... 9.6 V (4 to 8 NC cells) and receiver battery 4.8 ... 6 V (4/5 NC cells). Pre-selectable super-rapid / rapid charge current: 5 A, 2 A or 1 A to match the type of NC battery in use. Electronic rapid-charge current limiting. Automatic charge current termination using Delta-Peak detection, including Delta-Peak Delay system to prevent premature termination. 45-minute safety timer terminates charge if defective batteries fail to trip detection circuit. Automatic charge process reset circuit if the charge process is interrupted. Electronic suppression of rapid-charge current if battery voltage is lower than 3 V; prevents damage to completely discharged NC packs. Electronic limiting of transmitter charge current; also protective circuit to guard against short-circuit and reversed polarity in the transmitter charge circuit. Impedance monitor system limits receiver charge current; guard circuit protects battery from overload and short-circuit. Electronically controlled discharge circuit with deep-discharge guard set at 5.5 V to suit 6 or 7 NC cells (7.2 ... 8.4 V). Discharge circuit balances NC packs, optimises battery capacity and helps to eliminate the memory effect. Five monitor LEDs display Tready] status, rapid-charge, trickle charge (flashing), charge process for transmitter /receiver battery and discharge rocess. You can use this all-purpose super-rapid charging station to rapid-charge and discharge NC battery packs whether you are at home with a mains socket handy, or out in the field with access to a 12 V car battery. At the same time you can recharge transmitter NC packs (4.8 ... 9.6 V) and receiver NC packs (4.8 ... 6 V).

Mains 230 V~/50 Hz; Car battery 12 V = + 15%; Charge output 1: Super-rapid charge 7,2 ... 8,4 V/5 A (67 cells NC); Rapid-charge 4,8 ... 8,4 V/1 ou and 2 A (47 cells NC); Rapid-charge 9,6 V/1 and 2 A (8 cells NC) (230 V mains operation only); Trickle charge 1 A = 35 mA, 2 A = 75 mA; Switch position 5 A = 180 mA;Discharge stage 6  7 cells NC/1 A, Deep-discharge threshold approx. 5.5 V; Charge output 2: Normal charge 4,8 ... 9,6 V/150 mA,Transmitter battery (4  8 cells NC); Charge output 3: Normal charge 4,8 ... 6 V/150 mA, Receiver battery (4  5 cells NC);
Dimensions approx. 200 x 135 x 86 mm; Weight approx. 2100 g;

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