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MULTILADER 6 E Ref. N░. 6426
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Product information
All six ranges may be used simultaneously. LED display for each of the charger outputs. Increased power output. LED alert light (overload or short-circuit). Electronic short-circuit protection with overload cut-off. Electronic wrong polarity protection circuitry with automatic cut-off in case of wrong polarity. Electronic return current protection of all ranges. Safety transformer. Full-protection insulation of the charger. The charger meets all current safety regulations. It is overload- and wrong-polarity-proof. Suitable for simultaneous charging of six batteries of optional voltage up to 12 Volt in the ranges: 2 x 50 mA, 3 x 150 mA and 1 x 500 mA. Ranges can be added to each other, using a bridging cable, Ref. N░. 3017, and corresponding wiring in parallel, thereby permitting to quickcharge NiCd batteries.

Netzanschluss 230 V/50 Hz
6 Ladebereiche 2 x 50 mA,
3 x 150 mA,
1 x 500 mA
Gewicht ca. 1200 g
Abmessungen ca. 140 x 133 x 83 mm

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