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Product information
High-performance rapid charger with fully automatic charge current setting, Delta Peak detection and safety timer, switchable for NiCd or NiMH batteries with 4 ... 7 (8) cells. Connects directly to any car cigarette lighter socket (12 V car battery). High-Tech portable rapid charger, fits in a jacket pocket, with automatic charge parameter selection, Delta Peak detection and automatic safety timer setting for NC and NiMH batteries. High-Tech rapid charger for the RC race track, flying field and lake side Maximum rapid charge current 5 A Micro-processor controlled rapid charging, e.g. 6-cell NC packs fully charged in only about 30 minutes Rapid on-site charging of 9.6 V transmitter batteries Ultra-simple operation: automatic choice of optimum rapid charge current to suit the pack connected Latest MOS-FET technology Automatic charge termination with Delta Peak detector Automatic transition to maintenance (trickle) charge after termination of rapid charge process Automatic matching of trickle charge current to the charged pack Charges reliably to 100% capacity Quick-fit adaptor for NiCd/NiMH batteries Polarised barrel plug for ease of connection to car cigarette lighter socket Protected against reverse polarity by micro-processor monitor and alarm signal Protected against short-circuit at charge output by micro-processor monitor and alarm signal Visual and audible error alarm (e.g. short-circuit or reverse polarity) Audible alarm when charge time is exceeded, when charge is interrupted, at termination of charge, reverse polarity, power supply voltage error Dual multi-colour LED monitor Designed for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use Robust profiled aluminium case for effective cooling

Charge current source Capacité minimum 20 Ah
Current drain max. approx. 8 A
Charge voltage range 4,8 ... 8,4 V (9,6 V) 4 - 7 (8) éléments NiCd/NiMH
Maintenance (trickle) current, automatic setting NiCd 1/20 C, NiMH 1/60 C
No-load current approx. 35 mA
Chargeable cell size 0,5 ... 4 Ah
Weight approx. 165 g.
Dimensions approx. 107 x 62 x 25 mm


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