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ULTRAMAT 25 (german) Ref. N░. 6417
ULTRAMAT 25 (english) Ref. N░. 6417.67
ULTRAMAT 25 (french) Ref. N░. 6417.69

Product information
High-performance automatic all-purpose charger; computer-controlled rapid-charge, discharge, capacity measurement, battery maintenance and cell balance unit for NiCd, NiMH and lead-acid batteries. Up to 5 A charge current. Up to 3 A discharge current. For 1 ... 25 NiCd or NiMH cells, 1 - 7 LiPo/LiIo- cells and 2 V ... 24 V lead-acid batteries. High-contrast 2-line LCD screen simultaneously displays all relevant parameters, including charge current, charge time, capacity, battery voltage, etc. Automatic battery detector senses size and Number of cells of the battery connected to it. Automatic current selector: selects appropriate charge current completely automatically. Delta-Peak cut-off detector with variable sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH packs. Reliably charges to 100% capacity. Charger can be used with single cells: ideal for glowplug batteries and cell selection processes. Capacity test programs with variable charge and discharge currents. Discharge programs with variable discharge currents and cut-off voltages. Lead-acid battery charge program with optimised charge curve, discharge facility, variable discharge current for determining battery capacity and residual capacity. Overcharge timer. Prevents premature termination after start of charge, and allows controlled overcharging for even greater battery power. Current limiter: variable maximum charge current for automatic programs. Simple to operate: clearly arranged 4-button terminal with user guide and monitor dialogue. Switchable deep-discharge protection for car battery. Rapid-charge safety timer prevents serious overcharging of defective packs. Buzzer setting: audible ready alert for end of charge program, selectable: off, 10 sec., continuous. Switchable button-press beep. Selectable charge start (immediate start when battery is connected, or command start when button is pressed). Power-ON program. Selectable charge program when power is connected. Reset menu for resetting user settings. Robust, practical aluminium case. Automatic trickle charge with variable trickle charge current. Trickle charge program for lead-acid batteries: long-term float charging keeps battery constantly at stand-by. Variable cell balance programs with variable cycle interval (up to 10 cycles), charge current, discharge current; capacity values can be displayed separately for each cycle (even after end of program). Protected against short-circuit, overload and reverse polarity. Ready to use, maintenance-free.

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Operating voltage 12 V car battery; Car battery capacity Min. 30 Ah; 
Charge range:  
1 - 25 NiCd or NiMh- cells
1 - 7 LiPo or LiIo- cells
2 V to 24 V lead-acid batteries; 
Charge current 10 mA ... 5 A;
Discharge current 0,5 ... 3 A (max. 20 W); Dimensions approx. 130 x 113 x 40 mm; Weight approx. 520 g;

Recommended power supplies:
6446 Switching mains power supply, 12 ... 14 V 10 A,    
6447 Switching mains power supply 13,8 V, 20 A,
6448 Switching mains power supply, 13,8 V 12 A,     

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