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CESSNA 152 Ref. N°. 6281


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RC power model. Semi-scale model for glowplug or petrol engines of up to 26 cc capacity. For 5-function radio control. ARTF model with painted GRP fuselage, film-covered, balsa-sheeted wing panels, tailplane and rudder, linkage hardware pack.  

Product information
The CESSNA 152 is almost certainly the best known training and sports aircraft in the whole world. The machine selected as our prototype is a CESSNA FA-152 Aerobat, built in the French city of Rheims. The machines great success is due primarily to its outstandingly docile handling combined with sensible flight performance. We kept these features in mind when designing our model of the aircraft. With its tricycle undercarriage the CESSNA 152 is very easy to steer when taxi-ing and on the take-off run. The factory-painted fuselage and ready-built, film-covered wing panels, tailplane and rudder ensure that assembling the model is a fast, straightforward procedure: joining the wing panels using the strong braces supplied, gluing the tailplane in the fuselage and attaching the rudder using hinges. The rudder and elevators are actuated using the Direct Steel System (DSS), while the ailerons and landing flaps are operated directly by wing-mounted servos, ensuring slop-free control surface linkages. A servo plate is already installed in the fuselage, as are other fuselage formers. The wing is attached to the fuselage by means of generously dimensioned screws and locating dowels. The wing is of strong construction, which means that the wing struts are not required to absorb flight loads.

Pack contents
Assembly instructions including stage photos in German, English and French. GRP fuselage with factory-fitted formers, GRP cowl, balsa-sheeted wing panels, tailplane and rudder, wheels, fueltank, undercarriage, decal sheet, small items and linkage hardware pack.

RC functions
Rudder, coupled nosewheel Elevator Ailerons Landing flaps Throttle


Wingspan approx. 2150 mm
Overall length approx. 1470 mm
Wing area approx. 65 dmē
Tailplane area approx. 12 dmē
Total surface area approx. 77 dmē
All-up weight, according to fittings approx. 5900 g

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