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FUNNY Ref. N°. 6275


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RC electric model aircraft. For 2-function radio control. ARTF model with SPEED 280 direct-drive system and 6 NiMH cells, 0.6 Ah. Pack containing ready-made components, radio control system, NiMH battery and 12 V fast charger. 
Product information
The GRAUPNER FUNNY is a radio-controlled electric-powered model aircraft which is ideal for the beginner to the hobby. To operate the model all you have to do is buy and install eight AA cells for the transmitter. The model itself can be ready for flying in just a few minutes. All the control surface linkages are already connected and ready to use. Provided that you have an open flying field available and conditions are calm, there is nothing to stop your very first flight being successful. The FUNNY has an excellent performance in the air. It is stable and safe both on the glide and when climbing under power.

Pack contents

Operating instructions in German, English and French. Completely assembled model with RC system and SPEED 280 motor installed. 6 V 600 mAh NiMH battery, 12 V battery charger (car battery power via cigar lighter socket), 2-function 27 MHz AM transmitter. Six different frequencies are available. The crystals are fixed permanently and cannot be changed.

RC functions

Rudder Throttle


Wingspan approx. 800 mm
Overall length approx. 600 mm
Wing area approx. 6.9 dmē
Tailplane area approx. 1.9 dmē
Total surface area approx. 8,8 dmē
All-up weight approx. 250 g
Total surface area loading approx. 28.4 g/dmē

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