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MUSTANG P-51 D    Ref. N°. 6270
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Product information
The MUSTANG P-51 D must count as one of the world's most famous aircraft. The MUSTANG selected as our prototype was flown by Lieutenant-Colonel John C. Meyer of the 487th Fighter Squadron, 352 Fighter Group, in England from August 1944 to January 1945. Even today MUSTANGS can still be admired in action at various old-timer flying displays, in-cluding the Oldtimer Meeting at the Hahnweide, near Kirchheim/Teck in Germany, which takes place every two years. On the ground or in the air, these machines are as impressive and delightful to the aircraft fan as ever. Our model of the MUSTANG P-51 D can be completed very quickly thanks to its high level of pre-fabrication. A particular feature is the pre-painted GRP fuselage with factory-installed formers. Building time is also reduced by the balsa-skinned wings, tailplane and rudder, which are supplied already film-covered. The decal sheet gives the model the final finishing touch

Pack contents
Assembly instructions in German, English and French, including stage photos. Painted GRP fuselage with formers installed, GRP motor cowl, balsa-skinned wing panels, tailplane and rudder, pneumatic retractable undercarriage, wheels, canopy, decal sheet, small items and linkage hardware pack.

RC functions
Rudder Elevator Ailerons Landing flaps Retract system Throttle

Wingspan approx. 1780 mm
Overall length approx. 1650 mm
Wing area approx. 60 dmē
All-up weight according to fittings approx. 5.8 kg

RC power model. For 6-function radio control. Semi-scale model for four-stroke motors of around 20 cc or two-stroke motors of up to 26 cc capacity. ARTF model with pre-painted GRP fuselage, balsa-skinned wing panels and tailplane, linkage hardware pack. 

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