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CESSNA 182 Ref. N°. 6256


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RC power model. For 4-function radio control. ARTF model of all-wood construction for two-stroke motors of around 7.63 cc or larger or four-stroke motors of around 8.56 cc or larger. Pack of ready-made components and linkage hardware pack. 

Product information
The CESSNA 182 is a development of the proven CESSNA 170 and 172. Changes compared to the 172 include a more powerful engine, enabling the aircraft to operate from shorter strips without problem. In designing our model we placed very great importance on its external appearance, but without sacrificing flying characteristics and performance. The selected airfoil endows the CESSNA 182 with an impressively broad speed range which is particularly evident at landing time: the CESSNA 182 can be flown very slowly on the landing approach, and looks extremely realistic in this phase of flight. The model is highly pre-fabricated, and requires little work to complete. Assembly consists of joining the two wing panels, gluing the tail panels to the fuselage and installing the glowplug motor and RC components. The rudder and elevator linkages exploit the proven Direct-Steel-System (DSS), which ensures slop-free linkages to both control surfaces.

Pack contents
Assembly instructions in German, English and French, including stage photos. Ready-made fuselage, wing and tail panels, factory-covered in iron-on film; GRP motor cowl, aluminium main undercarriage, noseleg unit, wheels, cabin glazing, small items, linkage hardware pack.

RC functions
Rudder, coupled nosewheel Elevator Ailerons Throttle


Wingspan approx. 1680 mm
Overall length approx. 1720 mm
Wing area approx. 38.5 dmē
Tailplane area approx. 8.4 dmē
Total surface area approx. 46.9 dmē
All-up weight according to fittings approx. 3550 g


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