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TRAINER 65  Ref. N°. 6250
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RC power model. For 4-function radio control. ARTF model of all-wood construction for approx. 10 cc two-stroke motors. Pack containing for approx. 10 cc two-stroke motors ready-made components and linkage hardware pack. 

Product information
The TRAINER 65 is a typical all-round power model, and is a terrific choice for pilots who have already gained some experience with “full-house”
power models. The carefully chosen wing section and relatively low wing loading produce a model with very docile and neutral flying characteristics. Depending on the power of the motor and the throttle setting you select, the TRAINER 65 can be flown over a broad speed range from fast to very leisurely. If you install separate servos for the two ailerons, they can also double up as landing flaps, giving you even greater control of the model´s airspeed. This facility requires a mixer, so is only available with suitable transmitters. The nosewheel is steerable, and coupled to the rudder, and this gives much improved control of the model on the ground, both for taxi manoeuvres and for the take-off itself. The model is of conventional all-wood built-up construction; the fuselage, wing panels, fin and tailplane are supplied built and filmcovered, with decals applied. Completing the model involves no more than assembling the ready-made components, installing the fueltank, undercarriage, motor and RC components, and the model can be ready to fly in a very short time.

Pack contents

Illustrated assembly instructions in German, English and French. Fuselage, wing panels and tail panels filmcovered, undercarriage units, wheels, motor mount, fueltank, hinges, spinner, linkage hardware pack, small items. 


RC functions

Rudder, coupled with Steerable nosewheel







Wingspan approx. 1695 mm
Overall length (excl. spinner) approx. 1165 mm
Wing area approx. 45 dm²
All-up weight approx. 2950 g

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