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PIPER CUB J-3  with OS MAX 46 FX Ref. N°. 6245.MX


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RC power model. For 4-function radio control. ARTF model of all-wood construction for two-stroke motors of around 7.63 cc or larger or four-stroke motors of around 8.56 cc or larger. Pack of ready-made components and linkage hardware pack. 

Product information
The full-size PIPER J-3 is simply THE trainer aircraft of all time, and is likely to be a familiar sight to all modellers. The two pilots in a PIPER J-3 sit one behind the other, rather than side by side. In addition to civilian training the PIPER J-3 has also been employed by various armed forces as a liaison aircraft. Its simple construction made it easy to manufacture and correspondingly simple to maintain. Its original power plant was the Continental A-65 engine combined with a fixed-pitch propeller. Like the full-size, our model of the PIPER J-3 features full triple-axis control, and shares its big brothers good-natured flying characteristics. It is designed to use an OS MAX glowplug motor for power. The model is of conventional all-wood construction , i.e. fuselage with formers and longerons, wing with ribs, spars and sheeting, solid sheet balsa tail panels. The fuselage, wing and tail panels are precovered in GRAUPNER SUPERFILM, and the decals are already applied as standard. The control surfaces are prehinged to the wings and tail surfaces, and the hinges are pinned from the underside. The motor cowl is supplied in the pack as a prepainted GRP moulding. The undercarriage is preformed and soldered. The model is so highly pre-fabricated that very little work remains to complete the model. The wing is fixed to the fuselage by means of two plastic screws. The rudder and elevator linkages employ the Direct Steel System (DSS), which ensures a slop-free linkage of the control surfaces. The undercarriage fairings are attached to the undercarriage legs using cable ties.

Pack contents
Assembly instructions in German, English and French with stage photos, fuselage, wing panels, tailplane and fin, GRP motor cowl, undercarriage, fueltank, wheels, small items.

Plus OS MAX 46 FX 7.45 cc motor, glowplug, silencer and propeller.

RC functions
Rudder, coupled tailwheel Elevator Ailerons Throttle

Wingspan approx. 1840 mm
Fuselage length excl. spinner approx. 1020 mm
Wing area approx. 45 dmē
All-up weight according to fittings approx. 2900 g

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