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BO 209 MONSUN Ref. N°. 6241


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RC model aircraft for elctric power. For 4-function radio control. Semi-scale model for electric power with 400-size electric motor. ARTF kit. 

Product information
The GRAUPNER BO 209 MONSUN is a semi-scale model of the 2-seat sport aircraft produced in the 70s, designed for SPEED 400 power. The model shares the full-size machines clean, elegant lines. Fitted with a standard SPEED 400 FG geared motor the MONSUN turns in an excellent flying performance. Fuselage, tail panels and the one-piece wing are supplied factory-built and film-covered, so this elegant RC model can be ready for flying after only a short while at the building board.
Contents of the ARTF kit
Illustrated building instructions in German, English and French. Factory-covered components including fuselage, tailplane and fin, wing and ailerons. Motor cowl and wheel fairings vacuum-moulded in white plastic, canopy moulded in blue tinted clear plastic, pre-formed undercarriage parts, three 40 mm Ø AIR ultra-light wheels, small parts, linkage hardware pack, large-area decal sheet.
RC functions
Rudder Elevator Ailerons Motor speed
Specification Model
Wingspan approx. 920 mm
Overall length approx. 750 mm
Wing area approx. 14.5 dmē
Tailplane area approx. 3.3 dmē
Total surface area approx. 17.8 dmē
All-up weight approx. 650 g
Total surface area loading approx. 36.5 g/dmē

Specification Full-size
Wingspan approx. 8.4 m
Overall length approx. 6.4 m
Wing area approx. 10.22 mē
Tailplane area approx. 1.72 mē
Total surface area approx. 11.94 mē
All-up weight approx. 820 kg
Total surface area loading approx. 58.6 kg/mē










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