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MINI STAR JET Ref. N°. 6237


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RC electric model aircraft. For 3-function radio control. Fun-jet model made of ready-made styrofoam components for SPEED 400/480 L direct drive with 6 to 8 NC cells, 1.0-1.7 Ah. Carry-pack containing ready-made styrofoam parts and linkage hardware pack. 
Product information
The GRAUPNER MINI STAR JET model aircraft is a compact fun-model with exceptional flying characteristics. The outstanding features of the MINI STAR JET are its compact dimensions, low all-up weight and enormous manoeuvrability. Even with the low-cost ECONOMIC power system the model is easily capable of aerobatics such as loops, inverted flight, rolls, outside loops, reversals. With the COMPETITION power system installed the model is transformed into a highly agile flying machine that will delight any RC pilot. The model can be transported ready-to-fly in the decorative carry pack, making it the ideal model to take with you on holiday.

Contents of carry pack
Building instructions in German, English and French. Ready made wing and top fuselage section moulded in white or silver-grey styrofoam*, ready made CNC-machined ABS fuselage bottom reinforcement and motor cover, small parts, decal sheet, linkage hardware pack. * We reserve the right to supply the styrofoam parts in different colours.

RC functions
Ailerons Elevator Motor speed


Wingspan approx. 850 mm
Overall length approx. 550 mm
Wing area approx. 20.4 dmē
All-up weight approx. 550 g
Total surface area loading approx. 27 g/dmē

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