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Pack containing ready-made components and RC system. RC electric model aircraft. With profiled wings. 
Product information
A good-looking series of model aircraft with excellent flying characteristics. MICRO TAXI and EASY FLY are two electric-powered free-flight models with integral flight batteries, which can be recharged in just 4 minutes from a pair of 1.5 V dry cells. The models can be assembled without the use of tools. The MINI PARTENAVIA is a small RC power model which is controlled entirely by varying motor speed. In practice this means: you control altitude by switching the motors on and off, and control direction by switching individual motors on and off: i.e. left motor on, right motor off produces a right turn, and vice versa.

Pack contents
Illustrated assembly instructions, rigid foam fuselage, wing and tailplane, integral flight battery, propeller. MICRO TAXI and MINI PARTENAVIA: plus undercarriage and wheels.MINI PARTENAVIA: incl. RC system.Dry cells not included.

RC functions 
Right/left Motors on/off
Wingspan approx. 485 mm
Overall fuselage length approx. 405 mm
Wing area approx. 3,9 dmē
Tailplane area approx. 1,1 dmē
Total surface area approx. 5 dmē
All-up weight approx. 80 g

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