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SKY SURFER Ref. N░. 6222


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R/C electric paraglider. 4 channels. Pack of ready-made components and steering-servo. Excl. transmitter, receiver and speed controller.  
Product information
This new paraglider is a development of our popular SKY SURFER. The model requires no tools for assembly; the parts are simply pushed together and snap into place. SKY SURFER is truly the ideal model for the beginner. Anyone can learn to fly with it. The dreaded stall, which is the downfall of many fixed-wing aircraft, is simply impossible. The integral speed controller allows you to fly the model at walking pace. Short building time. no tools required. Easy to control. Ready-made canopy with all cords

Pack contents
Ready-made canopy with all cords, factory-assem- bled ready-made fuselage with electric motor, propeller and steering-servo. (Ref. N░. 6221 includes additional electronic speed controller, receiver and transmitter.)

R/C functions
Steering (right/left) Elevator function via speed controller

Canopy span approx. 1260 mm
Canopy area approx. 53.6 dm▓
Fuselage length approx. 230 mm
Overall fuselage width approx. 260 mm
Overall fuselage height approx. 300 mm
All-up weight approx. 550 g

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