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Sail winch REGATTA Ref. N°. 5172


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Product information
The sailwinch REGATTA complies with today's variety of requirements which have to be met fully by a modern powerful sailwinch. Being especially designed for competition work, this sailwinch meets the most stringent requirements. Thanks to application of the very latest technology this winch has been configured for a wide spectrum of operation. High torque, fast winding speed and precision resolution permit uncompromising use in racing yachts. Thanks to its low weight and diminutive dimensions the sail winch is also ideally suitable for small
sailing yachts, such as RUBIN. Depending on the kind of operation current supply for the receiver may be branched off a separate sailwinch accumulator (6-7.2 V), eliminating the need for a receiver accumulator and reducing the weight, for example (BEC system).
The unit comes with permanently installed switch leads for the sailwinch and BEC system for turning off the supply voltage.
Alternatively a two-battery system may be used or the sailwinch may be operated just like a normal servo on 4.8 V ex the receiver accu. Thanks to a choice of vertical or horizontal installation and a separately adjustable winding travel of 1.5–5.5 rotations the winch can be accurately adapted to prevailing model yacht requirements. Robust metal gears. Ballraced output shaft. Powerful hi-performance motor. Latest hi-performance IC electronics. Adjustment of winding travel. BEC system. Spraywater-protected.

BEC system 5,5 V/0,5 A
Drum Ĝ, approx. 38 mm
Dimensions (excl. flange) approx. 46 x 42 x 23 mm
Weight with lead approx.90 g
Working current (idle), approx. 260 ... 310 mA
Winding range 1,5 ... 5,5 rotations
Winding travel 18 ... 65 cm
Dimensions (excl. flange) approx. 46 x 42 x 23 mm
Operating voltage 4,8 V
Max. current drain, approx. 1,2 A
Torque 53 Ncm (5300 cmg)
Transit time 1 s/rotation
Holding current approx. 20 mA
Operating voltage 6 V
Max. current drain, approx. 1,6 A
Torque 79 Ncm (7900 cmg)
Transit time 0,8 s/rotation
Holding current approx. 20 mA
Operating voltage 7,2 V
Max. current drain, approx. 2 A
Torque 100 Ncm (10000 cmg)
Transit time 0,65 s/rotation
Holding current approx. 20 mA

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