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DS 14021 digital JUMBO servo Ref. N°. 5170
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Product information
New digital servos of the highest possible quality The introduction of GRAUPNER/JR digital servo technology has met with enthusiastic acceptance world-wide. JR, with its comprehensive expertise in the field of radio control, has been collaborating with the development laboratory of the Mitsubishi company, and the result is further improved digital micro-processors, and an expanded range of digital servos. Twin-ballraced water-resistant high-performance digital JUMBO servo for high torque and great accuracy. The digital JUMBO servo features robust plastic gears and twin ballraces, and is ideal for large RC cars, jets and large model aircraft generally. The extremely robust digital JUMBO servo features two special 19 mm Ĝ ballraces, and is sealed with O-rings to resist water penetration. The case is held together by no fewer than sixteen screws. The precision-made gearbox, with its 8.6 mm wide output gear, provides guaranteed high-level operational reliability and accuracy; both layshaft gears are mounted on hardened, precision-ground steel shafts, each running in two sintered bushes. Newly designed micro-controller with its own intelligence and modern SMT construction plus special potentiometer with 6-finger wiper contribute to the servos professional-level quality and performance. Ultra-high initial torque in response to very small commands. Bridged MOSFET output stages for high load capacity. Special components for high resistance to vibration and mechanical shock. Digital smooth system ensures maximum positional accuracy and extremely high torque. 13-bit ACD system with 5900 steps provides extremely accurate neutral position, maximum possible resolution and smooth positioning characteristics. Twin ballraced output shaft guarantees low friction and minimal slop. High frequency initial signal to the electric motor - up to about 300 Hz - avoids motor damage and copes safely with long-moment loads.
Operating voltage 4,8 ... 6 V
No-load current drain approx. 13 mA
Max. current drain approx. 2700 mA
Torque approx. 140 Ncm (14,0 kg/cm)
Holding power approx. >250 Ncm
Rotary travel approx. 2 x 45°
Transit speed approx. 0,14 s/40°
Dimensions approx. 63 x 32 x 61 mm
Weight approx. 142 g

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