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Digital super-power servo for pro-standard pilots in all classes of modelling. The DS 8311 and DS 8411 family of digital high-power servos has been successful all over the world, and this servo expands the range by an ultra-powerful super-servo with twice the torque, i.e. around 210 Ncm (21 kg/cm). Metal gearbox, metal output gear and twin-ballraced metal output shaft plus a precision high-performance bell-armature motor ensure optimum accuracy combined with ultra-high power. Intelligent, powerful DS micro-electronics and a potentiometer with 6-finger wiper optimise this digital super-power servo for use in models of the most demanding and elevated types, including jets, speed models, large-scale models, and also boats and RC cars of all kinds. This digital super-power servo is recommended for any application where maximum power, accuracy and shock resistance are required.

Operating voltage 4.8 ... 6 V*
No-load current drain 12 mA
Max. current approx. 3000 mA
Torque approx. 185 Ncm(18.5 kg/cm)
Holding power approx. 250 Ncm
Rotational travel approx. 2 x 45°
Transit speed approx. 0.12 s/40°
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40 x 21 x 38 mm
Weight approx. 60 g

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