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Digital High Speed Servo DS 8417 Ref. N░. 5152


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Product information
Powerful and fast R/C Car Servo with metal Race Gears, metal output shaft and twin ball-bearings. With a powerful MOS-FET bridged circuit and a highly flexible connecting lead of about 180mm length, this servo meets the most exacting requirements of R/C Car and Speed-Model profi pilots. Due to its extreme positioning parameters this servo isnt suitable as a gyro or helicopter servo.

Operating voltage 4,8 ... 6 V
No-load current drain approx. 15 mA
Max. current drain 2100 mA
Torque approx. 60 Ncm (6000 cmg)
Holding power 110 Ncm
Rotary range 2 x 45░
Transit time 0,06
Weight 56 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 39 x19 x 40 mm

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