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GYRO-SYSTEM PIEZO 550 Ref. N°. 5147
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Product information
Common features PIEZO 5000 / PIEZO 550:
Two separate auxiliary channels are used to vary the gyro effect (gain), and to switch between normal and heading lock mode.
Highly effective regulation of the tail rotor control system´s angular velocity, permitting amazingly steady, slow pirouettes even in gusty conditions.
Newly developed drift compensation circuit pro-vides superior neutral position stability in the tail rotor control system.
Lightweight, highly sensitive piezo element is mounted in a double damped suspension system to de-couple it from vibration in the model.
NORMAL / REVERSE switch. PIEZO 550 only:
P Can be used with any GRAUPNER/JR servo, including super-servos and digital servos.
P Fixed response period for heading lock mode.

Piezo-electric gyro systems for model helicopters, designed for competition flying and “3-D” display work. Conventional gyro systems for model helicopters simply damp down unwanted movements around the vertical axis, but these two units offer a mode of operation in which the gyro system holds the model pointing in a particular direction, and moves it back to this heading automatically after any deviation (“heading lock” mode). This is essential for all aerobatic manoeuvres which involve flying backwards, where even the slightest movement of the tail boom must be corrected right at the outset.
Until now most heading lock gyro systems have taken a considerable time to integrate the difference between the nominal and actual heading, and this means that the model tends to spin uncontrollably or even carry out a pirouette if allowed to take-off in heading lock mode. However, the new PIEZO 5000 / PIEZO 550 only maintains its compensatory action for a limited period (PIEZO 5000:
variable period) in response to an unintentional rotation, or to a control command, and continuously suppresses its action. If you have used an earlier heading-lock gyro, you may be familiar with the constant need to re-trim the tail rotor in flight, as well as having to switch back from heading lock mode to normal mode for take-off and landing, but both these new gyros eliminate those problems completely. This means that these two gyro systems can also be recommended without reservation to helicopter beginners, as they help to maintain rock-steady stability in the tail rotor control system.


Power supply voltage 4.8 V (receiver battery)
Current drain approx. 50 mA
Dimensions, weights
- Sensor 32 x 36 x 30 mm, approx. 18 g
- Electronics 38 x 53 x 19 mm, approx. 33 g

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