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mc-24 PROFI GOLD EDITION Ref. N°. 4825.77


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Micro-computer radio control system incorporating the latest technology with 12 control functions , incl. rechargeable battery, excl. RF module and crystal. 

Product information
40 model memories. 4 modulation types incl. PROFI-ROM and backlit screen. Professional high-technology micro-computer radio control system, internal 32-bit CPU operating at 17 MHz clock speed, high-speed precision A/D converter, 4 Mbit upgradeable PROFI-ROM system plus new type of dual function rotary encoder with 3-D rotary select programming technology and backlit screen.


The illustration shows the expanded mc-24 PROFI GOLD EDITION transmitter
PROFI-ROM High-speed one-chip controller with internal 32-bit CPU running at 17 MHz clock speed and high-speed precision A/D converter. 40 model memories in basic version. DUAL-FUNCTION (3-D) rotary encoder in conjunction with 14 programming buttons and screen monitoring, ensuring ultra-convenient, ultra-simple programming. MULTI-DATA GRAPHIC LCD screen with high resolution provides perfect means of monitoring information, accurate graphic representation of multi-point curves for throttle, collective pitch, tail rotor etc., EXPO / DUAL-RATE functions and mixer curves. 4 modulation types can be selected: SPCM20 Super PCM modulation with high system resolution of 1024 steps per control function. Receivers: smc-14, smc-19, smc-19 DS, SMC-20 and SMC-20 DS. PCM20 System resolution of 512 steps per control function. Receivers: mc-12, mc-18 S, mc-20S PPM24 New PPM multi-servo transmission mode for simultaneous operation of 12 servos. Receiver: DS 24 FM S PPM18 Most widespread standard transmission mode (FM and FMsss). Receivers: C 12 FM S, C 16 FMsss, C 16 FM S, C 17 FM S, C 18 FM S, C 19 FM S, DS 18 FM S, DS 19 FM S, DS 20 FM S. Further developed programs based on mc-20 system, which has been highly successful world-wide, complemented by the latest input and adjustment technology plus clear screen monitoring, developed by a team of experienced software developers and renowned world-class RC pilots. Carefully optimised, highly practical multi-function menus for fixed-wing models and helicopters. 12 mixers, freely programmable for fixed-wing models and helicopters, in each case with freely selectable input and output functions, 4 of which are curve mixers. 4 curve mixers incorporating new form of 7-point curve technology with 0.5% increments. 7 curve points are simple to set and adjust for throttle, collective pitch, tail rotor and other non-linear travels. Using an ingenious polynomial approximation process the CPU calculates the ideally rounded MPC (multi-point curve) mixer curve. The net result is a perfect, highly practical set-up for carburettor, swashplate, tail rotor curve etc. DIRECT KEY system: a single button press takes you directly to the MODEL SELECT MENU. 6 FLIGHT PHASE programs can be set up individually to suit individual models. SUPER DUAL-RATE, EXPO and EXPO / DUAL-RATE menu with 36 set-up variants. DUAL-RATE for 3 servo functions, two-stage per model, programmable and switchable for 6 flight phases. EXPO control characteristic for 3 servo functions, two-stage per model, programmable and switchable for 6 flight phases. EXPO / DUAL-RATE linking of EXPO and DUAL RATES; a special combination providing super-fine adjustment of the models control characteristics. SWITCH PROGRAMMING: the switch assignment is freely programmable and ultra-simple to set up: call up the appropriate menu, then just operate the desired switch: the assignment is carried out automatically. SWITCH MONITOR Well laid-out graphic switch menu for convenient display of socket number and graphic display of switch position. Switch direction and switch function (On/Off) with simultaneous display of 16 external switches and 8 control switches (auto-switch). Differential aileron mixer, butterfly mixer, dual flap mixer, automatic gyro set function and other special functions. Heli swashplate mixers for 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-point linkage. FAIL-SAFE MONITOR for 8 servo functions: simple push-button operation in Hold / Preset function in SPCM20 mode, variable separately for each servo. SERVO MONITOR displays all 12 servos simultaneously. SUPER SERVO MENU with comprehensive summary of all servo adjustment data and simple correction for 4 parameters (direction of rotation, centre position, servo travel separately for each side and travel limit separately for each side) for 12 servos with a total of 72 adjustment facilities. HELP BUTTON provides access to useful notes for programming within the currently selected menu. STOPWATCH system with 8 timers: alarm timer, count-down timer, lap counter etc. 2 time and 1 lap / time value can be displayed at large size simultaneously. A further 5 program-dependent and flight phase-dependent timers are automatically superimposed on the lap counter at the bottom, e.g. slot time, lap number, lap time etc. Volume of piezo sounder adjustable separately for each model memory. Transmitter operating timer is automatically reset to zero when the transmitter battery is recharged. 40 operating timers, separate operating time display for each model memory. Backlit LCD screen; lighting can be switched off. Variable LCD screen contrast. Model copy function for all model memories.


Transmission system PCM20/SPCM20/PPM18/PPM24, switchable
PROFI-ROM system 4 Mbit PROFI-ROM soft module
Max. control functions PCM = 10, SPCM = 10, PPM = 9, PPM = 12
Control functions 7 proportional functions, all with electronic trims
Basic equipment 1 switched function
Optional control functions 5 proportional or switched functions,
5 with electronic trims
Optional function modules 6 option wells for switch modules, prop modules and external switches
Sockets 1 x 14-pin for Trainer, PC interface, rev-counter, Profi-Trim, Nautic module
1 x 7-pin for DSC system and other applications
10 x 5-pin for transmitter control modules, Nautic and Profi-Trim modules
16 x 2-pin for external switches
Channel pulse width 1.5 ms +/- 0.5 ms
Channel resolution SPCM 10-bit (1024 step), PCM 9-bit (512 step)
(servo travel)
Aerial Ten-section telescopic aerial, approx. 1470 mm long
Operating voltage 9.6  12 V
Current drain approx. 90 mA (excl. RF module)
Dimensions approx. 235 x 215 x 75 mm
Weight approx. (excl. battery) 1200 g

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).

Carbon-transmitter-tray 3091  +  Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N°. 71  or  Standard-neckstrap 1126 

Charger Multilader 7 E  or  other chargers 

Transmitter charge lead 3022

Receiver battery 4,8 V/ 800 mAh   or other receiver-batteries

Charge lead for receiver-batteries 3021 

Servo C 577   or  Other servos.

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