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COMPUTER-transmitter mc-22     35 MHz Ref. N°. 4818.77
COMPUTER-transmitter mc-22     35 MHz-B- band Ref. N°. 4818.77.B
COMPUTER-transmitter mc-22     40 MHz Ref. N°. 4819.77
COMPUTER-transmitter mc-22     41 MHz Ref. N°. 4819.41.77
10-function micro-computer radio control system incorporating the latest technology. 
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Product information
Professional high-technology micro-computer radio control system. New ultra-speed low-power single-chip micro-computer with 256 kByte (2 Mbit) flash memory, developed for Bluetooth applications, with 16 kByte (128 kbit) RAM, 73 ns command cycle! With integral high-speed precision A/D converter and proven, highly practical dual-function rotary encoder and 3D rotary select programming technology. Future-proof: operating system can be updated. 30 model memories. 3D rotary encoder in conjunction with 4 programming buttons permits accurate adjustment and excellent programming convenience. MULTI-DATA high-resolution GRAPHIC LCD screen provides superb monitoring facilities, accurate graphical representation of multi-point curves for throttle, collective pitch, tail rotor etc., plus EXPO/DUAL RATE functions and mixer curves.CONVENIENT MODE SELECTOR allows easy switching between stick modes 1 to 4 (e.g. throttle right / throttle left). Real Time Processing (RTP). All selected settings and changes take immediate effect at the receiver output, virtually in real time. ADT Advanced Digital Trim system for all four stick trim functions, with easily variable throttle/idle trim. 3 switchable types of modulation: SPCM 20 Super PCM modulation with high system resolution of 1024 steps per control function. For smc-19, smc-20, smc-19 DS, smc-20 DS, R 330 receivers PCM 20 PCM with system resolution of 512 steps per control function. For mc-12, mc-20, DS 20 mc receivers PPM 18 The most widely used standard transmission process (FM and FMsss). For C 12, C 16, C 17, C 19, DS 18, DS 19, DS 20 receivers, and XP 8, XN 12, XM 16, R 600, R 700, C 6 FM miniature receivers. Programs from the world-wide successful X-3810 ADT system, now even more refined, complemented by the latest input and set-up technology, with clearly laid-out screen monitoring, developed by a team of experienced developers and renowned competition pilots. 

6 freely programmable mixers for gliders and powered models, 3 in the helicopter program, of which 2 are 5-point curve mixers, freely variable in 1% increments. The output values can easily be adjusted without restriction. The throttle and collective pitch curves (available only in the helicopter menu) are variable in 0.5% increments, and feature a multi-point curve system (MPC). An ingenious polynomial approximation process is applied, generating an ideally rounded curve based on your selected mixer reference points. Two-stage Expo/Dual Rate system, individually variable, switchable in flight, separately variable for each model. Helicopter swashplate mixers for 1, 2, 3 and 4-point linkages with differential error canceller. Switchable automatic landing system. Integral aerobatic flight phase switch. Sub-trim for adjusting neutral point of all servos. Aileron differential mixer. Butterfly mixer. Flaperon mixer. Automatic gyro set-up function. Graphic servo display quickly provides a simple overview and check of servo settings. Servo travel limiter for all servo channels, variable separately for each end-point (single-side servo throw). Programmable fail-safe function with variable time hold or pre-set function (PCM and SPCM only). Stop-watch / count-down timer with alarm function. Operating hours timer, available separately for each model. HELP BUTTON provides valuable hints on programming and currently selected programming menu. Model copy function for all model memories. Screen edit mode. Low-drain transmitter programming without radiating an RF signal.

mc-22 micro-computer transmitter with integral NiMH transmitter battery, 10(PCM/SPCM) or 9(PPM) control functions, Transmitter RF module on the appropriate frequency

Transmission system: SPCM 20/PCM 20/PPM 18 switchable; Radio Frequency section: Integral : (10 kHz spacing); FMsss T: crystals 35 MHz band: Order Ref. N°. 3864.61 - 80 and .182 - .191; 40 MHz band: Order Ref. N°. 4064.50 - .92; 41 MHz band: Order Ref. N°. 4164.400 -.420; Channel spacing :10 kHz; Max. control functions : SPCM = 10, PCM = 10, PPM = 9; Control functions,  Channel functions : 10, 4 with proportional trims, 5/6 proportional or switched; Channel pulse width 1,4 ms ± 0,5 ms; Control resolution (servo travel) SPCM 20 10-bit (1024 steps), PCM 20 9-bit (512 steps); Aerial : Telescopic aerial, ten sections, approx. 1470 mm long; Operating voltage 9,6 ... 12 V; Current drain approx. 45 mA (excl. RF module); Dimensions approx. 225 x 215 x 70 mm;
Weight approx. 900 g. excl. transmitter battery.

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Senderaufhängung 1127 und  Sendertrageriemen Bestell- Ref. N°. 71  oder Standard-Umhängeriemen 1126 

oder: Senderpult 3093  und  Senderaufhängung 1127  und Sendertrageriemen Bestell- Ref. N°. 71  oder Standard-Umhängeriemen 1126 

Ladegerät Multilader E 6    

Senderladekabel 3022     

Empfängerakkupack 4,8 V/ 800 mAh 


Empfängerakku- Ladekabel 3021   

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