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mc-24 BLACK EDITION single transmitter
With PROFI-ROM in German, excl. RF module. 
The language of the menu is German. If you want a different language (English, Italian or French , please let us know when ordering.
Réf. N°. 4795.76
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Product information
Upon request the mc-24 BLACK EDITION is available ex-stock with the PROFI-ROM with the menu system in English, Italian or French. The menu system of older mc-24 transmitters can be converted to the new PROFI-ROM, or to other languages; this work can only be carried out at GRAUPNER Service Centres. The programs contained in the PROFI-ROM are a new milestone in radio control technology for the expert flyer and contest pilot, and represent the result of unprecedented teamwork between experienced specialists in their various areas of expertise. This ground-breaking development of the existing high-end software was only possible due to intensive co-operation between the software development team and professional and contest pilots in the various branches of modelling, from F3A (power aerobatics) via F3B (glider) and F3E (electric flight) up to F3C (helicopters). Renowned world-ranking top-level pilots carried out two years of testing in national and international competitions and open events of all disciplines, using the mc-24 radio control system which has been a resounding success all over the world.



The latest functions:
Codes 52 + 53: Completely new flight phase switching arrangement: there are now six switches, of which two have a priority function. The designation of each switch combination is freely selectable. This means that the number of flight phases is not limited by the number of available flight phase switches. New, simplified, clearly comprehensible program sequence. de 12: UNDO function in Copy / Erase menu: programming steps can easily be undone. Code 22: Linearisation of swashplate servos: electronic compensation for non-linear travel of rotary-output swashplate servos. Code 22: Tail type 2 EL: this feature immediately makes available two linked elevator servos, eliminating the need for free mixers or dual mixers. Code 22: Flap count 2 AIL / 4 FL: full support for six wing-mounted servos, again without requiring free mixers. Code 58 (new): Switchable flight phase delay: the delay period can now be switched off for individual channels in each flight phase, e.g. to stop the motor in electric models, or activate / disable heading lock in helicopters. Code 91:10 additional, user-definable phase names: in addition to the default flight phase names the user can now enter a maximum of 10 phase names of his own choosing, without restriction. Code 32: Expanded transmitter control menu: - Optional single-sided centre offset - Ch1 control + trim can be assigned as a transmitter control - Two switches can be assigned to one input to obtain a genuine three-position switch function. Code 71: Wing mixer: completely revised. - New multi-flap menu provides a simple means of setting up max. six wing-mounted servos, separately for each flight phase, in a particularly straightforward way. - Camber-changing flap + elevator mixer now adjustable separately for each side. - Brake settings: elevator compensation now has its own curve mixer. Auxiliary function controls can optionally be used as input for brake functions. Code 51: Stopwatch with history: in addition to the lap counter there is a Time 1, which records the power-on times, and a Time 2, which records the times switched ON and OFF separately. Code 12: Copy all models è PC function All models stored in the transmitter can now be backed-up to the PC in a single process. Code 21: Auto timer reset: as an option, timers can now be reset automatically when you switch the transmitter on. Code 21: »Info« sub-point in Basic Model Settings menu: in this menu point you can enter any item of additional information for each model. This extra information then appears in the revised Model Select display in addition to the model number, the model name and the models operating time (also new in this display). - Freely programmable power-on warning Any conditions you select, such as switch positions, transmitter control positions or combinations of these, are queried when you switch the transmitter on or switch models, and trigger a warning. Possible applications: undercarriage retracted / extended, electric motor switched on. Code 43: New »Logical Switches « menu: This new function enables two switches to be linked logically using »and« or »or«. The result can then be used as a virtual switch. Typical applications: - You require the activation of a certain function to be dependent on another, e.g. wheel brakes can only be operated when the undercarriage is extended. - The model features several functions which are normally operated independently, but you want them to move to a user-selected position when an »emergency switch« is operated. The automatic program can be activated by several switches which select the program simultaneously. - Freely programmable power-on warning. Any conditions you select, such as switch positions, transmitter control positions or combinations of these, are queried when you switch the transmitter on or change models, and trigger a warning. Possible applications: undercarriage retracted / extended, electric motor switched on. - The automatic program can be activated by several switches which select the program simultaneously.

Expanded functions
Display of modulation type if no flight phase timer is active, in addition to the GRAUPNER logo. Revised timer beeps, now: more than 30 seconds residual time - supplementary 5-second indicator, below this a supplementary 2-second indicator. Code 23: Expanded servo centre adjustment range: adjustment range now extended to +/- 125 %. Increased number of flight phases: (fixed-wing: 8, heli: 7 + AR) Code 22: Warning threshold »throttle too high« in Heli menu: threshold now variable. Offset of curve mixer points now possible in both axes using rotary control. Number of dual mixers increased from two to four. Modified Clear function for timers: even if individual timers are still running, the remainder are reset. Slot time can be stopped by pressing RUN + STOP simultaneously; time can also be erased in the same way. Code 52: Phase trimming now possible on all axes with fixed-wing models.  Digital trims now also possible with fixed-wing models using switches. Operating convenience / operational security Hotkey for servo display: a brief press on the rotary control leads directly to the servo display from virtually all menus. Code 11 + Function Select: rotary control Enter function: a brief press on the rotary control is now interpreted as Enter. In the Model Select and Function Select menus it is possible to select and call up items using the rotary control alone. Warning beeps and pop-up warning if Trainer connection is not correct (cable not correctly plugged in, or similar error) Confidential code number input now generates **** (invisible). Inverse display when set time is exceeded: makes it easier to read timer values. Model type icon: graphic display of model type (fixed-wing / helicopter). Code 49: INC / DEC switches. A switch can be assigned in parallel to the rotary control. Code 91 + 21: Name input made easier by clearly displayed character table. Quick-Select: Holding the rotary control pressed in within the Function Summary takes you to the »Structure Overview« (umbrella term for the group of Codes in the same block of 10). Leafing through within the Help pages now also possible using the rotary control. 
Set contents
Transmitter mc-24 BLACK EDITION without RF- module, high-capacity transmitter battery.
Transmission system PCM20/SPCM20/PPM18/PPM24 switchable
ROM-Système 1 Mbit MEGA-SOFT-ROM, max 4 Mbit
High frequency section For 10 kHz channel spacing, 35, 35B, 40 MHz frequ. bands
FMsss T crystals Bande/band 40 MHz Ref. N°. 4064.50-92
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Control functions max. PCM = 10, SPCM = 10, PPM = 9, PPM = 12
Control functions basic system 7 proportional functions, all with electronic trims, 1 switched function
Optional channel functions 5 proportional or switched functions, 5 with electronic trims
Optional function modules 6 well for switched and proportional modules and external switches
Sockets 1 x 14-pin for teacher/pupil, PC-interface rev counter, Profitrim, Nautic module, speech output, etc. 1 x 7-pin for DSC system and other applications, 10 x 5-pin for controls, Nautic, Profi-trim modules, 16 x 2-pin for external switches
Channel pulse width 1,5 mc ± 0,5 ms
Control channel resolution (servo travel) PCM 20 9 Bit (512 pas/steps)
Aerial Telescopic, ten-section, approx. 1470 mm long
Operating voltage 9,6  12 V
Current drain approx. 90 mA (excl. HF module)
Dimensions approx. 235 x 215 x 75 mm
Weight approx (excl. battery) 1200 g
Weight incl. battery approx. 620 g

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).
Synthesizer RF-module  3859 or 4059
Carbon-transmitter-tray 3093  +  Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N°. 71  or  Standard-neckstrap 1126 
Charger Multilader 7 E  or  other chargers    
Transmitter charge lead 3022
Receiver battery 4,8 V/ 800 mAh   or other receiver-batteries
Charge lead for receiver-batteries 3021 
Servo C 577   or  Other servos.

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