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Single transmitter mc-12    35 MHz Ref. N°. 4724.77
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Product information
A 7-channel computer radio control system with multi-soft software, with refined top-quality technology and rotary select set-up system with 8 model memories. 8-bit computer system ensures excellent reliability, simplified rotary programming system for straight-forward set-up. High-contrast multi-data screen makes displays visible even in brilliant sunlight. Screen displays include input data for mixer functions, adjustment values, directions of rotation, trim values, programming information in the case of multi-function programs, and transmitter battery operating voltage. High-quality radio control system for F3A, F3B, F3C, F3D and F3E models; also a fine handheld transmitter for RC cars and model boats. Compatibility with standard FM and FMsss (PPM) systems. 9 model memories with automatic transfer of all essential programming and set-up parameters. Mixer systems and accurate variable end-point and centre points of all servo travels make the system perfect for the demanding user of model aircraft, boats and cars. Real-time processing (RTP) system with direct display of parameters. Multi-function software menus with 2-way rotary select system (RSS) for ease and convenience of programming. Normal rotation for standard processing, express rotation for fast-select system (FSS). Convenient mode selector switches quickly between stick modes 1 - 4 (throttle right/left). All mixers, adjustments, reverse and memory data are transferred automatically when you change mode. Complex but easily set-up basic multifunction fixed-wing programs for F3A, F3B, F3C, F3D and F3E (ready-made programmed multi-mixer units, which can be supplemented by 3 additional freely programmable mixers; mixer inputs and offsets are variable, and mixers can be turned on and off by means of external switches). Super-heli program for standard, Heim and 120° swashplate systems. Programmable reverse function for all servos. Dual Rates for 3 servo functions, programmable for 2 positions using travel expander, available range 5 to 125%. Sub-trim memory system for offset centre point on all servos; also useful for adjusting to old servos, or servos with non-standard centre pulse width. Single-side servo throw (separate travel adjustment for both end-points of all servos), adjustment range 0 - 150%. This new facility makes it possible to program symmetrical and asymmetrical servo travels, e.g. to cope with a special application or compensate for a warped wing. Integral computer alarm system
mc-12 4-channel micro-computer transmitter with integral 2.5 Ah NC battery, maximum expansion 7 channels, antenna, manual.
FMsss T crystals 35 MHz band, channels 61 - 80
Max. servo functions: 7
Channels, basic unit 4 proportional channels
Optional supplementary channels 3, proportional or switched
Channel pulse width 1.5 ms +/- 0.5 ms, incl. trim
Aerial Screw-fitting telescopic aerial approx. 1150 mm long
Operating voltage 9,6 ... 12 V
Output power approx. 2 W
Dimensions approx. 190 x 175 x 75 mm
Weight incl. battery approx. 950 g

A selection of the essential function programs and multi-function programs

Basic display Shows battery voltage and model memory name when you switch on Optional Teacher-pupil system NAUTIC multi-split system Channel expansion External switches Dual Rate function Travel expander for 3 functions, separately variable Exponential function Provides progressive characteristic curve. Rate of progression can be varied between 0% and 100% Trim offset memory Trim lever offset can be matched to the models requirements Mixer offset e.g. of the airbrake / camber-changing flap mixer V-tail mixer Ready-made mixer for V-tail models Freely programmable mixers Freely variable mixer facilities for your own applications Automatic flap landing system Flap setting (landing flap) Wing mixer for delta and flaperon-equipped models Idle up 2 separate idle-up programs, switchable Collective pitch curve Three minimum collective pitch values (normal, collective 1, collective 2), switchable Swashplate types N: Pitch axis/roll-axis servo 2: 2 roll servos (Heim) 3: 2 roll, 1 pitch-axis servo (120°) Servo reverse Servo rotation reverse for servos 1 - 7 Sub-trim memory servo centre offset for servos 1 - 7 Travel adjust Servo travel adjustment of servos 1 -7, both end-points variable separately Stopwatch / count-down timer Versatile timer, can be controlled in different ways, e.g. by throttle stick Automatic landing spoiler Example: spoiler setting for landing approach Flap - elevator mixer For correcting the pitch trim change when flaps are operated Switch assignment for freely programmable mixers, variable Automatic landing throttle Throttle setting for landing Delta mixer Ready-made mixer for deltas and flying wings Auto-rotation mixer Throttle servo position when auto-rotation is selected DMA mixer Static torque compensation in model helicopters Flap - aileron mixer offset Compensates for any discrepancy in stick centre setting Aileron differential Allows you to set up different positive and negative aileron travels Camber-changing flap - aileron mixer Convenient trimmable trailing edge and butterfly (crow) setting Airbrake - flap mixer Set up the flaps correctly for landing Automatic landing system Example: automatic elevator trim for landing Mixer offset Variable within wide limits in all freely programmable mixers Model type select FL: Unifly (fixed wing) HE: Helicopter AC: Acrobatic Stick assignment Transmitter stick functions can be set suit your preference Freely programmable mixers All mixer factors variable, fine adjustment possible Automatic aerobatics Example: coupled elevator Flaperon mixer Ailerons double as flaps Collective pitch setting Two switchable collective pitch maximum values Dynamic torque compensation Automatic tail rotor compensation for variations in main rotor speed

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).
Neckstrap für hand-held transmitters Ref. N°. 70 
or Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N°. 71  
or Neckstrap for hand-held transmitters Ref. N°. 1121
or Carbon-transmitter-tray 3092  +  Transmitter suspension mounts 1127  +  Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N°. 71  or  Standard-neckstrap 1126 
Charger Multilader 7E  or  other chargers     
Transmitter charge lead 3022
Receiver battery 4,8 V/ 800 mAh   or other receiver-batteries
Charge lead for receiver-batteries 3021 
Servo C 577   or  Other servos.

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