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mx-12 COMPUTER SYSTEM    35 MHz Ref. N. 4722
mx-12 COMPUTER SYSTEM    35 MHz B-band Ref. N. 4722.B
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Six-channel micro-computer radio control system, fully expanded switchable PPM / SPCM modulation (4 proportional functions with trims,  2 switched functions) 
Set contents
mx-12 micro-computer transmitter with integral NiMH 8NH-1700 TX battery, R 700 receiver on the appropriate frequency, pair of crystals on the same frequency, C 577 servo, switch harness, battery holder for receiving system.

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Transmission system FM / FMsss (PPM) and SPCM
FMsss T crystals 35 MHz band channel 61 - .80 
FMsss T crystals 35 MHz B channel 182 - .191 
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Control functions max. 6
Channel pulse width 1.5 ms 0.5 ms, incl. trim
Aerial Telescopic aerial, ten-section, approx. 1150 mm long
Operating voltage 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 175 mA
Dimensions approx. 190 x 195 x 85 mm
Weight approx. 870 g incl. transmitter battery


Product information
Computer radio control system with 10 model memories, incorporating high-level technology. Modern computer system for excellent reliability and security. Simplified rotary programming technology for straightforward programming. High-contrast graphic screen provides an accurate display of transmitter battery voltage, modulation, model type, model name, model memory number, set-up data, throttle and collective pitch curves and model operating time. All-purpose radio control system, fully expanded as standard. High-quality radio control system for F3A, F3B, F3C, F3D, F3E model aircraft, deltas and V-tail models. Fully expanded, offering 6 channels: 4 proportional channels with trims, 2 switched channels. Convenient mode selector for simple switching between stick MODES 1 - 4 (throttle right / left). All mixer, set-up and reverse memory data are automatically converted if you switch modes. Convenient wing mixer programs: DIFFERENTIAL FLAPERON (aileron differential mixer) ELEVON (deltas: aileron - elevator mixer) V-TAIL (V-tail models: elevator - rudder mixer). Convenient swashplate programs: SWASHPLATE TYPE (swashplate: 1 servo, 2 servos 180, 3 servos 120, 3 Servos 90). 10 model memories, with transfer of all essential programming and set-up parameters. Compatibility with FM and FMsss (PPM) receivers as well as SPCM receiving systems. High-contrast Multi-Data-Display LCD screen provides accurate monitoring even in bright sunlight; screen displays information such as mixer input data, set-up values, directions of rotation, trim values, programming information in multi-function programs, and transmitter battery operating voltage. Wide range of mixer systems, plus precisely variable end-point and centre positions, making the system suitable for the demanding operator of model aircraft, boats and cars. REVERSE function, programmable for six servos. MONIT: servo travel monitor for six servos. MODEL NAME and model number programmable separately. MODULATION: switchable PPM / SPCM. DUAL RATE / EXPO switchable to two positions and programmable for three servo functions; available range 5 to 125%. DIFFERENTIAL FLAPERON (differential aileron mixer). SUB-trim memory system for offsetting all servo centres; also for adjusting older servo types and servos with non-standard centre. TRAVEL ADJUST: separate travel adjustment for both end-points of all servos Adjustment range 0 to 150%. New type of adjustment enables programming of symmetrical and asymmetrical servo travels, e.g. to compensate for one warped wing or special applications. DSC socket for connection to flight simulator. Integral visual and audible alarm system for transmitter battery and Lithium back-up battery

1. Basic system display: Normal display after switching the transmitter on, battery voltage / charge state, AIRPLANE / HELICOPTER model type, PPM / SPCM modulation, model memory Ref. N. 1 - 10, 8-letter model name, model operating time TOTAL T. 2. STICK MODE 1 - 4: Stick function layout. Selection of control function sequence (MODE 1 - 4), throttle left / right, to suit the pilots preference. 3. LIST MODE set-up menu: In this menu model-specific and pilot-specific parameters are selected and adjusted, e.g.: Dual Rates, Travel Adjust, Servo Reverse, Sub-Trim, Mixer und Monitor program. 4. SWITCH SEL: Select menu for defining switches, position and assignment of switches for Dual Rates, Retracts, Mixer und Flap systems. 5. D/R & EXP: Dual Rate und Exponential set-up programs with separate adjustment facilities for Dual Rates and Exponential function for ailerons, elevator and rudder; Dual Rates 0 - 125%, EXPO -100% to +100%. 6. SUB-TRIM: Servo centre offset for six servos, 125 increments, for throttle, ailerons, elevator, rudder, retracts and collective pitch functions, model-specific, adjustable for each model separately, settings can be stored. 7. WING TYPE: Select menu: wing type. FLAPERON (two ailerons), ELEVON (delta system) and V-TAIL. The relevant mixer and servo functions are automatically assigned when you select the appropriate wing type. 8. DIFFERENTIAL ELEVON (Delta): Differential travel for model deltas with differential mixer, 0 - 100% (split mode), adjustable to suit the characteristics of the individual model. 9. TRAVEL ADJ: Travel adjustment, separately for left and right, 0 - 150%, for throttle, ailerons, elevator, rudder, retracts and collective pitch functions. 10. REVERSING SW: Servo reverse switches for throttle, ailerons, elevator, rudder, retract and flap servos, model-specific; can be selected and stored. 11. HELI basic system display: Screen displays transmitter battery voltage / charge state, HELI model type, model memory Ref. N. 1 - 10, 8-letter model name, PPM / SPCM modulation and model operating time TOTAL T. 12. MODEL SEL: Model Select menu: data for ten models can be stored separately, and called up when needed. The memories contain model type, PPM / SPCM modulation, model memory Ref. N. 1 - 10, model name and model operating time. 13. 120 CCPM: Setup menu for fine adjustment of the swashplate system, required to compensate for system inaccuracies. 14. THRO CURVES: A five-point throttle curve system is available for fine-tuning the motor characteristics to the requirements of the individual helicopter. 15. MODULATION: Select modulation: PPM or SPCM, model memory-specific, to match the receiving system used in the model. 16. REVO MIX: Universal programmable mixers enable extreme special functions to be programmed, such as revolution mixing in helicopters. 17. PITCH CURVES: The optimum collective pitch setting for hovering can be obtained by setting up a five-point collective pitch curve system. Full-slow position, position, Centre position, position und Full-high position can be set independently. 18. MONIT servo travel monitor: The graphic servo travel monitor enables the user to check all servo functions simultaneously for servo centre and servo travels. 19. FAIL SAFE: In SPCM mode it is possible to program a PCM-Hold position for the servo functions. Fail-safe programming is not possible in PPM mode. 20. THROTTLE HOLD: The Throttle Hold menu enables you to set the auto-rotation throttle position very accurately. 21. MODEL COPY: The copy menu can be used to copy tested model configurations to different model memories to form the basis for a new model set-up. 22. SWASH TYPE: Swashplate type, 1 servo. Standard mechanical mixing. This type uses separate servos for the roll, pitch-axis and collective pitch functions. 23. SWASH TYPE: Swashplate type, 2 servos. Mixing with three roll / collective pitch servos; a mechanical mixer is used for the pitch-axis function. 24. SWASH TYPE: Swashplate type, 3 servos. Symmetrical three-point linkage, all three servos are used simultaneously for all three functions: roll, pitch-axis and collective pitch. 

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).
Neckstrap fr hand-held transmitters Ref. N. 70 or Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N. 71  or Neckstrap for hand-held transmitters Ref. N. 1121
USB Simulator Interface for flight-simulation
Charger Multilader 7E  or  other chargers 
Transmitter charge lead 3022
Receiver batteries
Charge lead for receiver-batteries 3021 
Servo C 577   or  Other servos.

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