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Single transmitter  MC-19s COMPUTERSYSTEM 40/41 MHz Ref. N°. 4719.77
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Product information
Four-language dialogue menu (German, English, French, Italian)
Twenty model memories
Synthesizer channel select with security menu to avoid the transmitter being switched on accidentally
Selectable modulation types: SPCM, PCM 20, PPM 18, PPM 24
Twelve control functions: simplified method of assigning control elements such as primary sticks, external switches, proportional controls and trim levers as transmitter control functions for multi-function model boats and cars, without the need to install external switches or switch modules
Future-proof: update-capable operating system
3-D Rotary Encoder in conjunction with four programming buttons for easy, convenient and accurate setting of values
MULTI-DATA GRAPHIC LCD monitor: high screen resolution for accurate monitoring and precise graphic display of curves and characteristic lines
Real Time Processing (RTP): settings and changes take place virtually in real time
ADT (Advanced Digital Trim System)
CONVENIENT MODE SELECTOR: simple method of switching stick modes 1 - 4 (e.g. throttle right / throttle left)
Three freely programmable mixers for RC model aircraft, helicopters, boats, cars and trucks
Three-point mixers for throttle, collective pitch and tail rotor, plus gyro offset. These settings can be entered separately for each flight phase
Fixed-wing / Helicopter: Dual Rate / Expo for Ch2 - Ch4 (switchable in common for each channel)
Phase trim according to model type: camber-changing flaps, ailerons, elevator
Helicopter swashplate mixers for 1-point, 2-point, 3-point and 4-point linkages
Comprehensive fixed-wing mixer menu with twelve set-up programs for two ailerons and two camber-changing flaps (number of servos)
Servo travel settings for twelve servos, servo reverse, servo centre, servo travel, variable separately for each side, graphic display for all servos

Fail-Safe programmable for PCM / SPCM
Two switch-operated timers, stopwatch and flight time / running time
HELP BUTTON with notes relating to the currently selected programming menu
Trainer system with total control transfer; all settings entered at the Teacher transmitter
Nautic control function for operating the Nautic Expert module
Model copy function for all model memories


Pack contents
mc-19S micro-computer Synthesizer transmitter with integral NiMH battery 3000 mAh, antenna and programming manual.
Transmission system: SPCM 20 / PCM 20 / PPM 18 / PPM 24 selectable
RF module: Integral transmitter Synthesizer module (35MHz / 35MHz- B-band)
Channel spacing: 10kHz
Control functions: SPCM= 10, PCM= 10, PPM= 9, PPM 24= 12
Basic control functions: 6 functions
Control channels: 10
(4 proportional with trims, 6 proportional or switched) plus 2 software control functions
Channel pulse width: 1.5 ms + 0.5 ms
Servo travel resolution: SPCM 20 10-bit (1024 steps), PCM 20 9-bit (512 steps)
Temperature range: - 15 ... +55°C
Telescopic aerial: 10-section, approx. 1470 mm long
Operating voltage: 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 40 mA (excl. RF module)
Dimensions approx. 225 x 215 x 70 mm
Weight approx. 900 g excl. transmitter battery

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).
Carbon-transmitter-tray 3093  +  Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N°. 71  or  Standard-neckstrap 1126 
Transmitter charge lead 3022
Charge lead for receiver-batteries 3021 
Servo C 577   or  Other servos.


Nautic- accessories
For transmitter For receiver    
4141 Nautic- Multi- Prop- Modul and 4184.1 Connection adapter  4142.N Multi- Prop- Decoder 3754.1 Nautic- Switch module 3754.2 Nautic- Polarity Reversing Module
4108  16-Kanal Nautic Expert- Modul and 4184.1 Connection adapter  4159 Nautic- Expert- Switch building block module 3754.1 Nautic- Switch module 3754.2 Nautic- Polarity Reversing Module

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