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COMPUTER-SYSTEM X-412      40 MHz Ref. N°. 4714
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Product information
Ergonomically efficient hand-held transmitter for fast response and fatigue-free control of RC cars, trucks, multi-function models and model boats. Modern micro-computer signal processing guarantees excellent positional accuracy and precision centering. 6 control functions. Clearly visible LED battery motor with expanded voltage scale. Accurate, variable-length sticks. Throttle stick ratchet. Separate fine-action trims for all primary stick functions. Charge socket for rechargeable transmitter battery. Integral switchable V-mixer; ingenious combination of control functions permits accurate, finely controlled swivelling and turning manoeuvres, e.g. with chain-drive vehicles, twin-motor boat power systems and V-tailed model aircraft. Servo reverse switches for all control channels: simple means of reversing direction of rotation. Concealed switches, avoids danger of reversing servos accidentally. Easy crystal change facility without opening transmitter case.
Set contents
FM X-412 micro-computer transmitter; R 700 miniature SUPERHET receiver; C 577 servo, Switch harness; Transmitter / receiver battery holders; Pair of crystals on selected frequency band.



Transmission system: FM/FMsss (PPM); Radio frequency section: Integral, 35 MHz band,  or 40 MHz band; Quarze FMsss T crystals: 35 MHz, channels 61-80, 40 MHz, channels 50-92; Channel spacing: 10 kHz; Control functions: 6, 5 proportional, 1 switched; Trim function 4; Pulse width: 1,5 ms ± 0,5 ms incl. trim; Reverse switches: 6 control functions; V-mixer: 1 switchable; Aerial: Telescopic aerial, 10-section, approx. 1160 mm long; Operating voltage 9,6 ... 12 V; Current drain approx. 170 mA; Dimensions approx. 190 x 185 x 85 mm; Weight incl. NC battery approx. 600 g.

Recommended accessories (Please click for description).
Neckstrap für hand-held transmitters Ref. N°. 70 or Luxury transmitter neckstrap Ref. N°. 71  or Neckstrap for hand-held transmitters Ref. N°. 1121

USB Simulator Interface for flight-simulation

Charger Multilader 7 E  or  other chargers 

Transmitter charge lead 3022


Receiver batteries

Charge lead for receiver-batteries 3021 

Servo C 577   or  other servos.

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